Friday, June 11, 2010

Annual survey on Indian summer travel trends

TripAdvisor recently announced the results of its annual survey on Indian summer travel trends. As per the survey, Indian travellers prefer hill stations, with 71 per cent planning a trip there followed by beaches with 51 per cent. However, Goa has been the most preferred destination other than popular hill stations – Shimla and Ooty. Singapore emerged as top international destination to United States of America. The Indian traveller has also accepted air travel as a preferred mode of travel and ‘green’ remains the motto even when on holidays as more travellers choose environmentally hotels to stay in.

Holidays this summer
As per the survey, nearly 97 per cent planned a leisure trip while over 80 per cent planned to take more than one vacation this summer. Amongst the holiday destinations nearly 50 per cent decided to travel within in India, ten per cent only abroad and 40 per cent India and abroad. Also 61 per cent of the travellers planned their travel with their partners while only nine per cent planned to travel alone.

Travel Budgets
As a sign of changing times in the economy, nearly 50 per cent of travellers were ready to spend more than Rs 50,000 for their family holidays over the next six months.

Mode of Transport
About 25 per cent planned to travel by air and 64 per cent booked their tickets well in advance to get the best value.

Places to visit
Furthermore, while 86 per cent travellers wanted to go sightseeing, 75 per cent were likely to visit a historical / cultural site. The other activities tourists wanted to indulge in: visit a national park (70 per cent), an amusement park (53 per cent) or a religious place (52 per cent). Some also wanted to experience the nightlife, go shopping or engage in a hobby.

Bad Tourist Behaviour
Nearly 30 per cent travellers felt that line cutting at attractions was a bad tourist behaviour practiced by most travellers while on vacation. Other annoying habits were out of control children (23 per cent) and driving erratically (22 per cent).

Environmentally Sound
About 84 per cent travellers planned not to give the towels/linen for laundry/washing unless necessary. 96 per cent planned not to litter their natural surroundings while on vacation. 66 per cent planned to choose a hotel/resort which was environmentally friendly in many ways. 61 percent travellers planned to reduce their 'carbon footprint' while planning for their travel modes

What Indians wouldn’t leave home without
83 per cent travellers felt that a credit card was an absolute necessity. 81 per cent travellers never left for their vacation without a camera/set of binoculars. 76 per cent always carried their own medicine supplies and 72 per cent their own toiletries. 67 per cent felt that a nice pair of sunglasses was a must.

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