Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ever wondered why many Indians flock to Malaysia?

1. First International Holiday:
Want to have an amazing holiday? or are a first time international traveller? Throng to one of Asia’s beautiful jewels, Malaysia. You’ll be surprised to know that about 70% of Indian tourists in Malaysia are first time International travellers. Still thinking? Read on,

2. Groups: MICE & Weddings:
Want to celebrate your wedding in style? Book an island, or throw a surprise bash for your fiancée among dinosaurs. Claim to fame: Malaysia celebrated the wedding bliss of celebrity Sabeer Bhatia (Founder of Hotmail) Have to organise a business meet? Leave your guests surprised with lavish conferences.

3. Tier II and III cities:
So you’ve travelled around India and want to go abroad for the first time? Mark Malaysia as your next destination.

4. Accessibility:
What seemed like a travel hurdle initially is now a cakewalk for you. With more than 30 flights from metros like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, Malaysia becomes travel friendly. Besides you’ll be happy to know that Air Asia is planning 40 flights from India servicing Tier II cities including Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram and Trichy along with Kolkata.

5. Something for everyone:
If the time is now. The place has to be Malaysia. For there is something for everyone. From sightseeing to high rise malls in KL city or the theme park attraction in Genting, Malaysia has a lot to offer.

6. The Long Weekender:
So you want your privacy and don’t want to be where the herd is right? Your dream has finally come true. Walk on pristine white beaches, feel the crystal clear waters lashing through your feet. Sounds heaven? Sure, you’re going to spend most of your weekends in Malaysia.

7. The Price Advantage:
Feel the price crunch whenever you think international? That need not be an issue now. You’re in for a pleasant surprise with some attractive hotel prices. Have a 3-4 nights stay for $100-125 on a twin sharing basis. And mind you, these are not run of the mill budgets, but are very competitive when compared to Indian hotels.
So what you waiting for. I’ am sure by now you know where to head your next travel destination.

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  1. For an extra person charge is quite reasonable.In 2009,three of us spent 3 days in KL and Genting for 2500 RM only for food Travel and Hotel etc.We purchased gifts,choclates etc for 2500 RM.This year I want to spend a week in Malaysia.Hotels are excellent and very reasonable.Ny budget is 5000/
    6000 EM.