Monday, July 19, 2010

Tips for planning a stress free holiday!

To unwind, relax and chill are three words that would ideally spell a holiday. So you’re looking for a pill to chill away from the stresses of work and home. Here’s what you need to do then:

Plan the right holiday:
So you’ve been waiting for that right holiday to come your way. If your plan is to relax on the beach in the sunshine, chances are you’ll not like touring around on a coach in Scottish Highlands. Your ideal destination in this case would be Maldives or a Malaysia. Whatever your passion, be it zip lining through the Amazon, bungee jumping in New Zealand or romantic hidden beaches in Malaysia, you will get much more out of your holiday and be much more relaxed if you plan a holiday you enjoy.

Planning your budget:
We all love to dream big and you might even have a list of “dream holidays”, places you would love to visit someday. Be realistic with yourself though, if these places are not in your holiday budget they will have to wait until later.
Do not ruin a holiday by spending the entire time worrying about your finances. Just sit back and enjoy the holiday that suits your pocket.

Research your destination:
No matter where you are going you should spend time doing a little research about the holiday destination. Read guide books, travel magazines, and the internet offers a wealth of information about every place imaginable.

Decide on how to book your holiday:
This is probably one of the most important decisions that you will make when booking your holiday, because it is essential in this day and age that you make sure that you are financially protected should the airline or travel company go bust. It happens.
If you book your own flight and hotel pay with a credit card so that you are protected under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Remember that if the airline or hotel goes into administration then you will have to make your own arrangements to get back home or find alternative accommodation.
Ideally, book a package holiday through an ATOL bonded travel agency and not only will you receive your money back but arrangements will be made to return you safely home.

Read reviews of your accommodation or resort:
They’re tons of websites out there that will help you do this. While it’s not a guarantee that your accommodation will be to your satisfaction, you will get an idea from holidaymaker’s experiences.
Be open minded and bear in mind that we all have different perceptions of what a good hotel is. A hotel with pool side parties until the early hours might be a nightmare for you, but for many holidaymakers it might be their perfect hotel.

Slow down and relax:
Remember that this is your holiday, a chance to get away from your everyday stress. No doing dishes and no cleaning the house, no working nine to five. So relax, sit back, take in the culture, the food, but more importantly, do what you enjoy.

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