Thursday, July 15, 2010

Want to get closer to nature? Climb Kinabalu with Via Ferrata

Are you an avid climber or novice? Get that mountaineering gear ready and scale to Mount Kinabalu. So all set for the biggest adventure of your life?

Come experience this unique world record climb on the UNESCO World Heritage Site with Mountain Torq’s via Ferrata. So all you hardcore trekkers and the young at heart, brace yourself for Asia’s first and highest ever mountain climbing experience. Thrilling? Well there’s still more to come.

Excited but still feeling a tad uneasy? Putting all your anxieties to rest, you are assured of a safe and controlled environment. You’ll be equipped with a proper system of routes, devices and an experienced trainer to guide you. So get ready, Pump up the adrenaline as Via Ferrata takes you for the most spine chilling experience of your lifetime. Enjoy this safe and unique sport! Happy climbing!

1 comment:

  1. Ive done this..It was fantastic.
    For those who really loves the adventure should plan this for your next vacation. 1st in Asia and recieved World Guiness Book of Records for World Highest Via Ferrata..

    The time is now the place is Malaysia..