Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome to the Little India of Malaysia: Brickfields.

Rightly called as the Little India of Malaysia, Brickfields has almost everything to offer. Be it the spicy Indian delicacies or a range of restaurant chains, you’ll be astonished to find many Hindu and Buddhist temples here. Its like coming home to your country.

What makes the city really special is an element of Indianness that spans across in terms of people, Indian culture and not to miss the awesome food. After spending a week or month you won’t find a chance to miss your country. Here are some interesting facets about the little India of Malaysia.

Vivekananda Ashram
Culture: Your culture stays alive in Malaysia. Ask how? And you’ll find a find the YMCA, the Vivekananda Ashram built in the 19th century. Also you’ll feel a sense of pride as the city is a haven for Indian food delights. Over here you can sink your teeth into the sweet banana leaf rice and thosai. To keep the flames of Indian culture burning the temple of fine arts will be coming up soon.

Sri Kandaswamy Temple
Religion: Whatever your religion, you’ll find your place of worship here. There’s the famous 104 year old Sri Kandaswamy Temple for devout hindus and the Buddhist Mahavira Temple. You will also find a sprinkling of churches like the Holy Rosary Church, Our Lady of Fatima and the Zion Lutheran Church. A small mosque called the Madrasatul Gouthiyyah is also home to muslims.

So if you’re in Malaysia and feeling homesick you know where to head for!

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