Monday, August 9, 2010

Animal Safari, cowboys and waterpark at A’Famosa Resort.

Hold tight, as you sit in the caged truck, the Safari Park adventure at A’Famosa is about to begin. Gaze in amazement at wild animals close up in the open as the truck stops right next to them. Thrilling?

Want to have an intimate conversation with tigers, lions and sunbears? Get ready to go on a rough and bumpy ride through the jungle area. Scream in delight as you cross through the crocodile river with crocodiles lurking at you. Excited already?

North American Raccoon
Tanzanian Flamingo
Also catch a glimpse of the herbivore area and watch Barbary sheep, deer, camels, zebras and ostriches roam freely in the open while little giraffes munch happily on fresh leaves from the trees. Also enjoy unending elephant and pony rides, multi animal, elephant and bird shows. In the walk through area look at Tanzanian flamingos, black and white swans, Austrailian Bennett wallabies, North American raccoons and the Malaysian black and white tapirs.

Ready for some real life action? Catch the Wild West Show, starring cowboys and apaches on horseback shooting at each other like a scene from the movies.

The Water World
Are a water baby? Drown in excitement at The Water World. Swim in the wave pool, go on a lazy river tube ride, the very popular family raft ride, high speed slides and wild waterslides with high speed bends, loops and twists. Your tiny tots can play for hours on end in the tot pool, mini slides, water sprays and at Aladdin’s Arabian Village.

How do I get there? With a 60 minute drive from Kuala Lumpur via the North South Expressway, you’re there at A’Famosa Resort.
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