Monday, August 23, 2010

Come home to Malaysia!

Selamat Datang! You shall be greeted with these words as you set foot onto this land. Sit on the porch while a young Malay woman brings you a refreshing drink. Go around the place as the village headman directs you to your room. Your stay has just begun in hospitable Malaysia.

What makes this place so homely? The type of house that you will live in during your homestay is the traditional Malay house. Made of timber and raised on stilts complete with bamboo walls and thatched roofs, be amazed at this piece of tradition.

Taste the authemtic Nasi Lemak fare
You’re stay here is incomplete without tasting the local cuisine. At breakfast dig into the famous Roti Canai and delicious Nasi Lemak. After the heavy breakfast, get set to tickle your tastebuds with Nasi Kandar and Mee Goreng. If you’re staying in Terengganu or Kelantan then you’ll be served the local Nasi Dagang. At teatime, wait to be treated to mouthwatering desserts and cakes.
Dive into the delicious Roti Canai

Want to renew your vows all over again? Your homestay in Malaysia will give you an opportunity to do so. Immerse yourself in the deep rooted traditions, colour and protocol of the place. You’ve taken home a million experiences.

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