Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Come to your second home at the Sukau Rainforest Lodge

Fancy staying in a rainforest? You have just stepped into the beautiful Sukau Rainforest Lodge. Come here with your loved ones, feel the pleasures of a home, you’re bound to enjoy your stay at Sukau, Malaysia.

With around 20 rooms and facilities galore, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice here. Be it solar hot water heaters, four stroke engines and electric motor for river cruise, rainwater harvesting, use of recycled cooking oil for lighting, every minute detail of your need is taken care of.
What are you entitled to in this eco lodge? There are many facilities to spoil you silly. In this lodge, you’re entitled to;
Plush guestrooms
The Gomantong hall and gift shop
Kari Boardwalk
Melapi Restaurant and jetty complete with sunset deck
Four bird and wildlife viewing decks
1,500 ft long covered hornbill Boardwalk complete with two elephant passes.

One of the things you must do at this rainforest lodge is the ride between Sandakan and the Sukau Rainforest Lodge up the Kinabatangan River using four strokes / twin engines speedboats. Enjoy this two and half hour journey as you spot the ten species of primates along with the wild orang Utan, proboscis monkey, and some of the eights species of hornbills and the endemic Borneo Pygmy elephant. Interesting?

Claim to fame? Over the years the Sukau Rainforest Lodge has been privileged to receive many ecotourism distinctions and recognitions, the recent being covered in the prestigious National Geographic Adventure's magazine 2009 (50 Top Jungle Lodges).

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