Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dive into the Vegetarian delights of Malaysia

Are a pure vegetarian? Or tired of meats and wish you’d tease your taste buds to some greens? Malaysia offers a range of vegetarian delights for every preference and type.
Which cuisine should I go for? Be it Thai, Chinese or Indian, you can expect the best here. If you’re planning to have Chinese then you must try the light soups and ‘dim sums’ a variety of noodle dishes or try the steamboat that make the Chinese cuisine a fare to look forward to.

Want to have the spice of your land? Dig into the rich Biryani or head for light meals like Poori, Naan or dosas with finger licking curries that will leave you craving for more.

Go the Sino-Malay way with the delicious ‘Nyonya’ food relished by many. At these restaurants try AsamPedas, Nyonya kuihs and the pickles.

In Thai cuisine you can opt for Tom Yam Koong, titillate your senses with fresh savoury salads such as mango, papaya and green curry.

Which restaurants should I try? In Kuala Lumpur you can taste authentic vegetarian fare at
• Annalakshmi
• Ahimsa Vegetarian restaurant
• Bean Curd Restaurant
• Fatt Yan Vegetarian restaurant
• Giant Bowl.

In Penang opt for
• Golden Hill Vegetarian Restaurant
• KekLok Si Vegetarian restaurant
• Liu He Yuean
• Litevon Vegetarian Centre.

In Selangor go to
• Aai Lai Vegetarian restaurant
• Amata Vegetarian restaurant
• Garden Vegetarian restaurant

In Johor, go to Green House
• Merry land
• Midori house or
• Nature’s Corner.

If in Malacca head for,
• Ceres Cookery
• Mei Lin Vegetarian restaurant
• Old Farmosa and Yang Sheng

In Sabah & Sarawak freak out at;
• Green Garden
• RestoranSayurSayuran
• Supreme Garden
• Tyng Yong
• The Servant restaurantWong
• Fu Yen and
• Zhun San Yen Restaurant.

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