Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pump up the adrenaline at Taman Negara.

Time for some adventure? Malaysia beckons you to one of its premier national parks in Taman Negara. Over here you can catch a glimpse of a diversity of plants and animals, colourful birds, vivid insects and rare species of fish. View unique attractions in this 434,350 hectare park. Giant buttresses, limestone caves, cascading waterfalls, jungle clad mountains, what a perfect way to spend the monsoons.

So ready to pump up the adrenaline? Now imagine strolling along the world’s longest canopy walkway in the world! Situated at about 550 m and suspended at about 40 m above the ground, this canopy is a USP of Taman Negara. Walk along this fabled canopy to view virgin rainforests from different perspectives. You will be intrigued to know is that no nails were used in the construction of this walkway and wooden spacers are placed between the bark and the cable and ropes to ensure that the trees are not harmed. Interesting?

If you thought this was it then you’re certainly wrong, for Taman Negara hosts a slew of activities for the rugged adventurer. Trek your way along dense jungles, experience some of the most exciting moments of your life as you go on a boat trip up Sungai Tembeling from Kuala Tahan. Are a curious traveller? Spend hours exploring unspoilt limestone forests with beautiful caves like Gua Peningat, Gua Telinga, Gua Daun Menari and Gua Besar.Also check out cool fishing spots at Sungai Keniam. Ready for some hardcore adventure? Conquer steep slopes and tricky rivers as you scale GunungTahan, Peninsular Malaysia’s highest mountain. Wish to settle here for a few days? You’re most welcome to stay overnight at hides and observe wildlife, around 350 species of birds and nocturnal animals.

Still reading this article? Come on, pack your bag pack, sling your camera around, get into those rugged tracks and head to Taman Negara.

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