Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Emerald islands, clear sparkling seas- experience world class game fishing in Malaysia

Ever seen a live Giant Snakehead? Or fancied catching the famed Red Mahseer? Go game fishing in the seas and turn your angling dreams to reality in Malaysia. Who knows, probably you may have the chance of naming a species after you. Exciting? Read on;

Go fish hunting in the challenging seas of two massive manmade lakes- Kenyir and Temenggor. Here, you will find the king of waters, the Giant Snakehead - a powerful and ferocious predator. Wish to fish from your window? You can also stay in a floating chalet and enjoy fishing from your own wooden room.

Walk into the virgin jungles that make for a perfect picturesque backdrop and if you are lucky, sharp eyed and really quiet, you can have encounters with wildlife such as monkeys, wild pig, elephant, deer and tapir. As you walk down the trail, hear cries of eagles, hornbills, hummingbirds and jungle fowl.

Another place you should go fishing is in the 130 year old rainforest of Taman Negara. Here in the Endau river, you can set the bait for the elusive Red Mahseer. And mind you, fishing in this river is the most challenging and locating your quarry can be a difficult task.

Besides you can also go on a fishing spree in Tioman Islands and catch the Black Marlin, Dolphinfish and Large Cobia. Come close with world record snappers, the giant Yellow fin tuna, Coral Trout and the slimy Dogtooth Tuna, Also catch occasional glimpses of migratory turtles hurtling beneath the blue seas.

So what you waiting for? Armed with your bait and fishing gear, get ready to catch some of the rare species of Malaysia.

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