Saturday, October 23, 2010

Malaysia- A lover’s Paradise

Ever yearned to run barefoot with your one true love on a tropical sun kissed beach? Or announce wedding vows under emerald green waters? Malaysia makes this possible. Trek atop cool mist shrouded mountains or trudge through dark primordial jungles, this is the land of the ultimate honeymoon.

With many scenic, cultural, entertainment and gastronomic attractions- Malaysia is the perfect setting for your dream wedding and honeymoon. Come, and be taken to a journey of a million possibilities

1. Beach Escapades - Enjoy a heavenly meal, gaze at the gorgeous sunset, feel cool sands under your feet and the rhythmic lapping of waves- perfect ingredients for an evening romance? Journey to the idyllic resort islands of Pangkor, Tioman, Redang or Perhentian. For complete seclusion, slip away to the private isle of Pangkor Laut.

 2. Highland Romance - Lose your senses around fresh highland air, open green expanses and breathtaking beauty of the countryside- you have just arrived in Cameron Highlands. Stroll through enchanting strawberry, butterfly and honey bee farms, or get engulfed in the charms of tudor styled country inns, the ambrosial ambience here will rouse the romance in both of you.

3. Return to Eden - Feel the allure of the enchanting flora, fauna, rainforests, caves and hills that conjure up images of the original garden of Eden. Embrace the bounties of nature at Taman Negara in Pahang, Endau Rompin in Johor, the Bako, Niah, Mulu and Lambhir Hills in Sarawak or the Danum Valley in Sabah, the tropical spice gardens in Penang - return to an Eden in all its innocence.

4. Passionate about the Past - Wish to dwell in the glories of the past? Turn almost anywhere and watch the symbols of the past beckon. Be it Malacca’s A’Famosa, its Hang Li Po Well or its Kampung Kling Mosque, Penang’s Khoo Kongski temple-cum-clan home or its Fort Cornwallis, the half finished Kellie’s castle or the ancient Bujang Valley, marvel at Malaysia’s many heritage sites!

5. Heavenly Cruising - There’s nothing like an idyllic cruise with cool winds, fine sea spray in your face and your arm around your loved one. Right? Witness a spectacular sunset while dining on board and gaze at a canopy of stars above on a moon washed deck. Take a leisurely boat cruise on the Putrajaya lake or opt for a romantic boat ride on Malay styled gondola like vessels.

6. Shopper’s and Gourmet Paradise - Wish to buy her the choicest satin dress or propose to her with a solitaire? Malaysia brings out the crazy shopaholic in you. Shop till you drop at Suria KLCC in Kuala Lumpur or Jonker’s Street in Malacca.

7. Traditional Trimmings - So you’re on Malaysian soil and wish to solemnise your wedding vows here? You could opt for an elaborate Malay akad Nikah and bersanding ceremony.

8. Sensuous Retreats - How about soaking with her into a concoction of aromatic oils, herbs and spices? Luxuriate in the soothing sensuous strokes of a traditional massage and indulge in a range of spas with your loved one.

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