Friday, December 3, 2010

Top 6 things to see in Johor

Must see:
Endau Rompin National Park- Imagine trekking in peace for days and waking up in the morning greeted by timeless sounds of the forest; this is how a typical day starts at Endau Rompin National Park. Encompassing the watershed of rivers Endau in Johor and Rompin in Pahang, this lush tropical rainforest park is the second largest in the Peninsula. Are a nature lover? Enjoy a picturesque view of colourful birds, mammals, frogs, insects and other wild animals in this park.

Royal Abu Bakar Museum- Are a keen explorer? The Royal Abu Bakar Museum is a haven of treasures, works of art, antiquities and furniture belonging to the royal family. Walk through a picture gallery featuring past and present rulers of the Sultanate and their consorts. Also look out for a large collection of their personal memorabilia, an impressive array of medals, orders and decorations in the gallery.

Nasuha Herbs and Spices Paradise- Welcome to the world’s biggest herb and spices plantations in the world! Marvel at more than 135 types of herbs which are later cultivated and made into spice powders across Malaysia. Also enjoy a special therapeutic and Herbal Spa Sauna, heated by underground rocks.

Sultan Ibrahim Building- The Sultan Ibrahim Building is an epitome of Johor Bahru. Home to the State Secretariat and other departments of the State Government, this prominent tower dominates the entire city landscape. Catch breathtaking views of the Johor Straits, The Causeway and the Singapore skyline.

Sungai Johor and Sungai Lebam Firefly Colonies- Watch an entire mystery unfold with some of nature’s most amazing living wonders - the fireflies. Feast your eyes on stunning light displays from these insects which live on the Berembang trees growing along the riverbanks.

Dataran Bandaraya- Step back in time with the beautiful clock tower called the Dataran Bandaraya. You will be left gazing in awe at this large square minaret which is a gorgeous sight in the evening. A popular evening hangout place; stroll with your loved ones to watch the picturesque sunset by the Tebrau Beach.

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