Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Archery in Malaysia

If you know me well, or even you don’t; you’d know I am not a big fan of sports. I am one lazy pig. But I’ve always dreamed of whacking my teachers or shooting arrows at them when I hate them so much last time.

I used to have this teacher who threw our books out of the windows when there are mistakes or undone work. And I used to secretly wish I had a book to throw right at her face. Mean but I really wished that happened.

Here’s one activity I did recently that brought back such memories – Archery.

I was at Stars Archery in Berjaya Times Square for a trial the other day to help do I LOVE DISCOUNTS next promotion. I thought it was tiring at the same time a fun activity.

Though I wish in the future, there will be an archery which allows us to print our enemies faces and place them on the board for us to shoot. Anyone agrees?D3C_7223At Stars Archery, you’d be given a personal training. Despite my hatred towards sports, I thought the training was pretty intensive, and stressful for a newbie like me.

I actually tweeted that “There is this girl who is intimidating me”; thankfully, after I tweeted, she got done with her game and went off. And here comes another pro, I was like.. This is bad. Really bad. He’s really good too.

But who cares right? It’s all done in the name of “FUN!”D3C_7231 Colours brighten up my days. Okay, random but yeah pretty tidy and neat place for such a place!D3C_7232 My turn through hell. Not that bad, but I got some “lectures” and some kinda talk on how to handle it. I was sweating all over. Stress gila! :DD3C_7236 I got down to some actioooon!D3C_7237 Laughing about something my colleague was commenting. I know I suck at it. But I did it anyways. So, who cares if you suck right?D3C_7240 D3C_7241 See I was getting worst, so another guy came to coach me. Personal attention fuih! Giving you a chance to feel like a celebrity. HahahaD3C_7244 D3C_7245 D3C_7247 So, I did better and was left alone now. I felt lonely but pretty shock la. Especially the moment you let go the arrow, your heart skips a second. Really!D3C_7252 D3C_7255 D3C_7261

My last act of being a pro. No, not a pro but I had fun.

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