Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Su's Cakes for Kicks

I am fat. Don’t tell me. But this cakes is unavoidable la. If I don’t eat it, the name tells you what it’d do to me.

Oh, if you've not realised, Malaysia is a land of good food, and these days, great dessert. You really have to be in Malaysia to see the variety of desserts in Kuala Lumpur especially. Traditional desserts can be found too!

I love my butt too much to have a kick. So, I chose to indulge in something that’s really kick-ass.D3C_7750 Su’s Cakes located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur in Fahrenheit88 is really a good place for tea and for relaxation after a long day at work.

And they already told you they don’t just bake cakes; cause they bake extraordinary cakes.D3C_7640 This picture is their famous Durian Cheese Cakes. If you have been following me, you’d know I’ll rant about it everytime my house has durian. So, I’ll be honest, I did not try the durian cheesecake, but according to their boss, it’s the best seller in Su’s Cakes.D3C_7652 #random I like the simplicity in this place. Simple is so me!D3C_7661 Oh, this caught my attention. Giant Cupcake. Imagine indulging yourself in this Giant Cupcake. I see it’s attractive. I feel like digging in.D3C_7665 To give you an extra cake, they give you a “kick” with some freshly baked cookies.D3C_7666 Some other cakes at Su’s Cakes for Kicks. It’s niche area is basically “CHEESE”. Who cares if it takes good but costs you that extra few calories? Big fat guy taking here.D3C_7671 D3C_7676 I actually like their boxes too. Really well design, simple and clean. Represents elegance. Like it! :DD3C_7679 See, proves my point, less is more! :D I am being an art designer in this post. Talking like a pro.D3C_7688 D3C_7689 Don’t it just makes you love cyan more?D3C_7698 Tasting Testing time. Well served, well fed too. 3 types of cakes for our indulgence.D3C_7700 No, I am not promoting durian cheesecakes here. But apparently, it really does taste good. How on earth did people ever thought of making durian cheesecakes? How would durian and cheese ever came together? Cheese is like heaven and durian is like (say what you want). :PD3C_7706 The chocolate cheese cake. Really good. Ain’t too sweet. If you like deep dark choco, this is the one. I actually loved the nutty under the cakes. I like crispy crunchy things, remember?D3C_7712 Don’t ask me why Durian Cheesecakes keep popping up. I have no ideas. :DD3C_7715 D3C_7716 Blueberry Cheese Cake. Okay, this is fatabulous. The Blueberry is really tasty unlike some cakes which has just a little of blueberry. It’s sweet and it mixes well with the cheese. And as usual, the digestive biscuits at the bottom rocks my socks!D3C_7719 I am overweight. I am excited. Thats just me. Having a slice of cakes gets me going.D3C_7723 Don’t ask me how this picture fell into my blog.D3C_7729 Don’t you love this smile when you feed me with some cakes? Vanity strikes!D3C_7732 D3C_7741 All hyper and high after the cakes. Don’t glutton over the cakes. Buy 1 for your friend too.D3C_7747 Feed me before I actually eat forks. I do.D3C_7748 D3C_7749

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Freaking worth it la. Especially if you are down and sad. See, it makes me all hyper.

#random Sometimes, it’s okay to be cheese-y! :P

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Su’s Cakes for Kicks Address: Lot G41, Ground Floor, Next to the Escalator, Farhenheit 88, 88 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Perseketuan

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