Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Philosophy Men by Larry Yee

If the women’s range at Salabianca is all about vibrant colours and graceful lines, the men’s range at Philosophy is all about being stylish carefree.

Displaying influences taken off the hip streets of Japan, the men’s collection here plainly shouts ‘fashion forward’. Much of the clothes allow the wearer to explore or vary the method of wearing an article. For instance, a conservative-coloured pair of shorts could be turned inside out and worn to show a funky chequered fabric suited for a fun day out. Or a t-shirt fir for a casual event could be tweaked to add some flash required for a party.

The collection primarily features polyester mixes, cotton knits, silk chiffons and linen. As with Salabianca, eye-catching details are quite the norm. In fact do not be surprised to find the occasional sequin or hand-woven beading! There are no rules observed here; expect mix and match pieces, clothes cut off in parts and put together in the most creative ways and even paired with the most unexpected accessories. From the vintage jeans to the exquisite ‘batik’ shirt, each item serves a fashion statement that can be interpreted differently by every person.

Simply put, Philosophy Men celebrates individualism based on diversity, which is stylish contradicting. So if you’re looking for menswear with a difference yet tailored with striking attitude and personality, head straight for this store.

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