Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Live Your Dreams In Malaysia

Realize your wild and wacky dreams as you explore the panoramic view of Malaysia through “Live your dream in Malaysia Contest.”  Indulge into some of the exotic activities of the country and give a boost to your adventurous spirit. A chance to vent your heart’s desire as you experience the various facets of its lifestyle, food, nature etc.

Be one with Nature as you take a cue from it, and be a part of the rehabilitation process of the orphaned baby Orangutan and watch them close in their natural habitat at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. Skip a heartbeat to the beautiful experience of fine dining to satiate your palate on the 88th floor of KL Tower 375m above the ground. One can even mystify their senses to the spring of life at Kinabalu Park, where you relax in the Poring Hot Springs and explore the mountains with mountain- climbing via ViaFerrata which is one of the highest peaks in the world.
Gunung Mulu Caves welcomes you to the Dragon World which is also a UNESCO World Heritage park site encompassing caves and karsts formation in a mountainous equatorial rainforest setting. One can even take a road to wellness where you wake up to the experience of Banjaran Spa – rejuvenating the body with the traditional Chinese medicines and Ayurvedic therapies; or dive and discover marine life in Sipadan Islands, located in the Celebes Sea off the east coast of Sabah which is among one of the top five diving destinations in the world. Offer yourself a daring experience of shark feeding at Langkawi, where you get a chance to come face-to- face with the sharks. Malaysia even welcomes you with the humble abode in Longhouse at Sarawak while you experience the culture and enjoy the hospitality of the Dayaktribals. Indulge into the therapeutic experience of fish massage at Sabah that beckons you to sink your feet on the pebbled water path KampungLuanti and enjoy the soft sucks of the massage done exclusively by the Kelah fish.

Enchanting experiences of romance at dusk, as you sail on a yacht at Langkawi and enjoy your dinner date; or erupt back to life with the mud bath at mud volcanoes on Pulau Tiga, these all seem to add more spark to your memorable moments in Malaysia. Treat yourself with unlimited adventure through the million-year-old rainforest, a feeling which makes you feel nothing less than a Tarzan as you take a leap of faith and sail in the wilderness of Langkawi. Malaysia- a land which has so much to offer to people craving for an extreme enjoyment, and all these dream activities will only lend an enriching experience to those who want to make each moment of their vacation worthwhile. So welcome this lifetime opportunity as you head towards Malaysia and experience your wonderful dreams being realized. 

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