Thursday, August 9, 2012

Islands to visit in Malaysia

Islands to visit in Malaysia is a compilation of some of the best islands around the country. Family holiday, backpacking, romantic getaway, traveling with kids, diving and snorkeling or simply to relax, these islands offer a lot to the travelers. The islands are also located around Malaysia including Sabah Borneo. Seriously, when was the last time you had a decent tropical island escape? Here is a list which will help you make some interesting choices while planning your island holiday here in Malaysia.

Rawa Island or Pulau Rawa

This unique island is located just off the town of Mersing en route to Tioman Island and is a private island with only two accommodations. One called Rawa Safaris Resort which is the popular choice while the other is known as Alang's Rawa which is a backpacker style lodging. When you talk about White Sand Beaches, it is all here at Pulau Rawa. It is fantastic for couples, families and backpackers, and can get crowded during local holiday seasons. It is best visited during April - September.

Sipadan Island or Pulau Sipadan

Malaysia's top diving destination and located on the east side of Sabah Borneo, Sipadan Islands are one of the must-dive places for most scuba divers and rated as one of the most beautiful dive spots in the world.

Langkawi Island or Pulau Langkawi

Peninsular Malaysia's largest island with the best infrastructure is Langkawi, which is also a duty free island! A very popular place for travelers as they have direct flights landing in Langkawi Island from a number of airlines around the region. The island offers all kind of tourism from eco to culture and heritage, apart from the general beach life. The Langkawi Cable Car is one of the attractions you should not miss while you are here.  Peak period here is November to February and June to August.

Sapi Island or Pulau Sapi

This small island which is part of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park is only 15 minutes from Kota Kinabalu town in Sabah Borneo and there is access to boats from the mainland every other hour. It is a very popular place for day travelers.

Perhentian Island or Pulau Perhentian

This is one of the most sought after island for all kinds of beach and island travelers. From the locals’ right to the backpackers, Perhentian has always been a popular destination to visit. You can do activities which include diving, snorkeling and just relaxing. There are also chances of spotting turtles while snorkeling. It is best visited during April - September.

Mantanani Island or Pulau Mantanani
This is one of the most beautiful islands on the west side of Sabah Borneo. It is generally a diver’s paradise as there are only two or three resorts here that cater specially to this sport. It is a paradise in its own way and a must for the true island lover.

Redang Island or Pulau Redang

The only island in the east cost of Malaysia with an airstrip makes this place a popular destination for many locals. Many 3/5 star resorts are found at Redang Island as the waters and beaches here are beautiful. For the snorkelers, there is the Redang Marine Park nearby which is a popular place to visit. A small conservation center is also set up here and one can have a barbecue on the beaches of this island. It is best visited during April - September.

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