Thursday, August 16, 2012

Langkawi Duty Free Shopping

Langkawi Duty Free Shopping is a must for all travelers. Located just north of Penang this tax free island, sells some of the cheapest items found in Malaysia. As you head to Langkawi for a holiday, you simply cannot miss the shopping offers that attract the fancy of all the shopaholics.

Most of the duty free shops are located around the town of Kuah. So if you are staying at any other place in Langkawi, you should at least make a day trip to town for some serious shopping. The items that are in demand with locals are cigarettes, liquor, beer, chocolates, luggage, sports shoes, perfumes and cooking ware. Cooking pots are a huge attraction for the ladies here, as many places sell them really cheap.

When you arrive in Kuah town, you will notice that there are no tall buildings here. The main area is small and you can easily walk around from shop to shop. There are about 20 duty free shops here including a few supermarkets.

One of my favorite places for shopping is at the Eastern Native Duty Free in Kuah town. It is located in the heart of the city. Its neighbor Zeno Duty Free also happens to cater to a good selection of whiskeys and liquors. When chocolates are bought from duty-free shops, one should always check the expiry date.

For those who enjoy drinking, the well-known duty free shop in Langkawi is called Teow Soon Huat which is one of the major outlets with the most competitive prices on the island. Located just out of the main town at the Parade Center, you would probably need a taxi ride or a 15 minute walk from town center. They are known to sell the cheapest beer, wines and whiskeys too.

Apart from the usual chocolate and alcohol sold at the duty free shops in Langkawi, there are also many other items to buy here. Among them are Luggage Bags which are quite cheap. They are mostly non-branded bags but offer travelers a very cheap option.
Duty Free Cooking Ware is in abundance at Langkawi-a must visit stopover for housewives! Top brands like Tefal, Corning Ware, Luminarc, Visions, Corelle, Pyrex, Acropal and La Gourmet are sold all over town.
Duty Free Perfumes are also making an impact with specialty shops opening in town area. All the international brands are available here at very reasonable prices. Sometimes even cheaper than the airport duty free shops. So if you are a perfume lover, do check out some of the selections available here.
Sports fanatics would be happy to know that there are a few Duty-Free Sports Shoe shops in Kuah Town too. One of the famous outlets called Al-Ikhsan Sports Shop sells some of the top brands like Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Puma. They also sell apparels, bags and other sporting items with prices that are really cheap. Another Australian brand called Cult sells some awesome beach and surfer wear items in town too.

So while enjoying your holiday here, don't forget to spare some time exploring the many outlets around the island offering Langkawi Duty Free Shopping.

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