Monday, September 17, 2012

Jonker Street in Melaka

Jonker Street is one of the most visited places in Melaka, and there is no doubt that this is the busiest area especially over the weekends or school holidays. Throng of visitors from all over visit this lively street famous for its culture and heritage. The best likely way to enjoy visiting Jonker Street would be to walk around this historical area which is in the core zone of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Alternatively, traditional trishaws (becas) can be hired to take you on a nostalgic journey through this historical site.
Jonker Street has always held a special charm in terms of the diverse European-Asian culture and heritage. The celebrated street houses some of the country’s oldest heritage buildings dating back to the 17th century. Architecturally influenced by the Portuguese and Dutch, you will see a beautiful eclectic mix of cultures through this entire area.
While Jonker Street caters mostly to tourists, art aficionados are also seen here as some of the best antique curios and furniture are traded here. On the main street which is called Jonker Walk, quite a number of antique galleries or art houses are found well spread throughout the area. Walk-in customers would know that the prices are well exaggerated to the unknown buyers while bargaining or haggling is a common practice here. So do not be afraid to try your bargaining skills but do be realistic about it.
Jonker Street caters to most of the action but if you walk one street behind, you will find Heeran Street which is also known as the Millionaires Row. It is here that you will find the world famous Baba Peranakan Museum of Melaka. A fee applies to visit this exclusive museum while the architecture is absolutely astounding.
As Melaka (Malacca) was awarded the UNESCO World Heritage Site status since 2008, the government has been paying a lot of attention to the core zone here. Many of the centuries old buildings have been given a beautiful make over especially on the facades. While most of the original businesses have faded away, new ones are seen popping up monthly. Lots of guesthouses and boutique hotels have also taken over some of the beautiful shop lots while cafes and souvenir shops seem to be the accepted choices around Jonker Street.
While Jonker Street is famous for its architecture and heritage, food is also one of the popular choices here. A good variety of local food can be found along Jonker Street. A must-eat local delicacy is the Chicken Rice Balls.
Visitors, you must try out this vivacious street in Melaka, the Jonker Street.

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