Friday, September 7, 2012

Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia is set to open by 15th September 2012 in Johor Bahru at Nusajaya, Iskandar Malaysia Economic Region. This will also be the first Legoland Theme Park in Asia and sixth in the world after Denmark, Britain, California, Florida and Germany.
This will be the biggest family entertainment project in Johor which will attract tourist locally, Indonesia and Singapore as well.

Ticket Prices for Legoland Malaysia Update: Tickets for Legoland Malaysia are RM140 (US$44) per adult and RM110 (US$35) per child with a RM30 rebate for MyKad holders.
Among the attractions at Legoland Malaysia, there will be a gigantic replica of the Petronas Twin Towers, all built using Lego bricks and it will be the tallest Lego structure in the world. Replicas of famous landmarks from around the world such as India’s Taj Mahal, Beijing Bird’s Nest Stadium, Cambodia’s Angkor Wat and Singapore’s Merlion statue will also be featured, all made from Lego bricks. All the main structures will be located at Legoland’s Miniland. The theme park would also have famous buildings in Johor Baru, such as the Royal Museum, Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque and the Dataran Bandaraya clock tower. 
The Lego structures and many attractions such as roller coaster rides will be situated outdoors, while the food and beverage outlets will be housed in air-conditioned buildings at the park. A unique 4D theatre and a kids’ driving school where children can obtain their first driving license, recognised by Legoland worldwide are among the highlights here. Apart from the main park, there will be a Legoland Hotel and a Lifestyle Mall in the vicinity of the park.
One thing is for sure that many will capitalize on Travel and Tour Packages to Legoland Malaysia. Are you excited to visit this place?

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  1. Yes, I am looking forward to visiting Legoland and Hello Kitty Town in Johor. In fact, talking about capitalizing, I think hotels located near Leogland are laughing to the bank ;)