Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sarawak Regatta

The Sarawak Regatta is an annual occasion held during the New Year celebrations, for the social integration and goodwill of the people of Sarawak. The very first Sarawak Regatta was held on February 29, 1872, and sailed off from the starting point in front of the Astana. It started off as a competition between different tribes, who raced their war canoes against each other to settle rivalries without resorting to conflict.

This year Sarawak Regatta is scheduled from 14th September till the 16th September 2012, at Kuching Waterfront. This time the background will be the famous Kuching Waterfront, and huge crowd is expected to gather like every year as a part of this spectacular event. The event is the display case of boat race with participants from Indonesia and Bali.

Sarawak is famous for the fascinating natural wonders. It a treasure trove of cultures and a melting pot of various communities with crisscrossed rivers running through dense vegetation. The place is certainly a must visit especially during this occasion. Other activities include displays of crafts and exhibition by local entrepreneurs.

The custom of holding the yearly Regatta in the Sarawak River has been taking place since the Colonial period and into the post-Malaysia period. During these periods, the Regatta was planned by Resident and District Office with funds from the Government while the rest of the fund was raised through public donations.

The day program include races for traditional longboats, dragon boats and other activities, like the running of totolizers, climbing greasing poles, catching ducks and pillow fights. Racing boats from outstations made it a splendid affair and also a great time for families from outside the State Capital to visit Kuching town.

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