Friday, November 9, 2012

'Festival of Lights' in Malaysia

Deepavali or the 'Festival of Lights' is celebrated by Hindus with prayers, family gatherings and festivities. Open houses are held where family and friends visit each other and enjoy delicious traditional goodies (except Labuan and Sarawak).

Malaysia as a country is well known for its diversity. Among diverse culture of Malaysia, Diwali is celebrated in Malaysia by people of all races residing there. The Hindu community of Malaysia comprise about 8% of its total population. For Indians, it is like a trip back to the memory lane and enjoy the festival days spent back home in India.They  invite the Malays and Chinese to their houses. It’s a public holiday in Malaysia as they visit and pay reverence to their elders.

The community celebrates Diwali festival as a symbol of victory of good over evil. The Malaysian people call Diwali as Hari Diwali. The south Indian tradition of oil bath precedes all the rituals of Diwali Festival. The Diwali celebration includes visits to temples and prayers at household altars, with beautiful decorations and relishing the traditional food.

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