Saturday, December 29, 2012

Good things in great packages

Looking to take away something that represents Malaysia? Here’s a pick of the 4 things to pick that say  Malaysia like no other.
Batik: There’s nothing that says Malaysia more than a Batik cloth. Inspired by tradition, the fabric features rustic motifs that are hand-drawn or printed. Batik cloth is made using a manual dyeing technique, a trait that is specific to it.
Pewter Ware: Intricately carved and artistically crafted,  pewter ware in Malaysia is exquisite and sure to become a conversation piece in any home. There’s mugs, tea sets, picture frames, clocks and more to choose from. Make sure you pick one.
Songket: While Batik has been more talked about, Songket deserves a special mention as a Malaysia souvenir. Malaysian songket has threads of gold and silver running through it which makes for spectacular take away. Mostly reserved for royalty, this fabric is hand-woven by skilled craftsmen.
Electronics: They don’t say Malaysia but electronics come at a price that is hard to resist. With tones of stores and whole malls dedicated to electronics you will be spoilt for choice. With the One Malaysia year end sale on till the 31st of December, the deals are too tempting to miss.

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