Tuesday, February 26, 2013


From jungle trekking to mountain biking, from wreck diving to rock climbing, from cave exploration to river cruising, Malaysia provides you with innumerable options for adventure. The country is becoming popular as a venue for international nature-based competitions. Adventure and nature are all here in the tropical kingdom of Malaysia.
Here some of the adventurous activities that you can indulge in while in Malaysia:
·         Jungle Trekking- With its glorious vistas, verdant undulating terrains and varied tropical landscapes, Malaysia’s beautiful rainforests offer vast possibilities for trekking and camping. The country’s extensive array of national parks and wildlife reserves are ideal for communing with nature and discovering her secrets.
·         Rock Climbing- Rock climbing enthusiasts will enjoy conquering Malaysia’s rock faces and cliffs, of which there are many to choose from around the varied landscape. Limestone outcrops dot many areas of Peninsular Malaysia with limestone crags and sandstone mountains in Sarawak and some big alpine granite walls in Sabah. Other mountainous areas have various rock faces waiting to be discovered.
·         Cave Exploration- Caving or spelunking enjoys a good following in Malaysia. The country is endowed with vast numbers of limestone caves, including a World Heritage Site. They are home to amazing wildlife such as fruit bats, birds with edible nests or attractive stalagmites and stalactites.
·         River Cruising- For nature lovers who wish to experience wildlife adventure as an alternative to trekking, river cruising is the perfect choice. In Malaysia, there are many rivers and mangrove areas where wildlife viewing is possible from the water. Riverine and mangrove habitats are home to large amount of indigenous flora and fauna; and by nature many animals are drawn to water sources for drinking and cooling.
·         Mountain Biking- The exhilaration of speed using solely human power on a machine,  on a raw trail amidst open nature, can only be achieved by mountain biking. With its innumerable jungle and rural trails all over the country, Malaysia is truly a mountain bikers’ paradise. Many recreational forest reserves In Malaysia are suitable for off-road cycling.
·         Wreck Diving- The warm sparkling seas around Malaysia are home to some of the best diving spots. The tropical waters support an underwater ecosystem of magnificent coral reefs, diverse fish species, sea turtles and giant clams.
Malaysia offers varied experiences to satisfy the adventure and nature lovers’ quest. So get prepared to enjoy the thrill!

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