Saturday, February 9, 2013

Top 10 unusual things to do in Malaysia

1.   Homestay
While the idea of staying in someone’s house might appall you, in Malaysia, this will be an interesting experience. Malaysian homestays give tourists an opportunity to experience a stay at a kampong or a traditional Malay village. Experience rustic charm at its best.
2.   Attend a mock wedding
It’s a staged wedding. While that may seem awkward to you, it’s the Malaysian way of offering visitors a peek into their lifestyle. Most villages give guests a chance to experience this merry occasion with a mock wedding where all the rituals are elaborately performed for the pleasure of the tourists.
3.   Turtles nesting
It’s a well-known fact that turtles lay their eggs on the beach and then head out to the ocean leaving their young ones of fend for themselves. Witness the interesting spectacle at Cherating where the incoming tide brings in hundreds to turtles who nest at the beach.
4.   Horse riding
Enjoy horsing around? Savour the adventure of horse riding in Malaysia. Saddle up and you can explore the tropical beaches, dense rainforests and glorious highlands. Every visitor with a penchant for equestrian sports will find his fill here.
5.   Explore a cave
You have heard that they hide within themselves lots of treasures. Fairytales abound with caves filled with gold and silver. Create your own story as your explore the caves in Malaysia. With jagged edges and dark, winding routes, this is one adventure you don’t want to miss!
6.   Experience a Malaysian massage
Let the experts work on your nerves that are fraught with worry. Feel your worries melt away as you take in the aromas of the oils and enjoy a massage in Malaysia. Let the jamu preparation works its magic. Jamu is a mixture of local herbs and natural sweeteners that is peculiar to Malaysia and Indonesia.
7.   Gift a Rafflessia
If you want to show someone your love in a big way, show it with a really big flower. The largest flower in the world, the Rafflesia, is found in Malaysia and in full bloom the flower can reach the diameter of over 100 centimeters. How does that sound for a lovely surprise?
8.   Feed an elephant
Trunk shows anyone? They are said to have a great memory and can intimidate with their sheer size but elephants can be fun to be around. And at the National Elephant Conservation Centre in Pahang, you can even feed these majestic creatures. Try it!
9.   Underwater post office
You may like to mail fresh and untouched but when it comes from the underwater, you should be willing to make concessions. Catch a glimpse of the famous Underwater Post Office in Malaysia. Divers seal their mail in a waterproof vacuum bag and post it underwater. Pail mail?
10. Take a helicopter ride
Get an aerial view of KL and the surrounding areas with a helicopter ride. You will feel like a movie star when the chopper arrives replete with cool gadgets and a pilot to take you around. You will have to get your own bodyguards though!

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