Thursday, February 28, 2013

Undiscovered destinations of Malaysia

Above land and below the sea, Malaysia has many gems to offer. Here are 4 undiscovered places in Malaysia.
Malaysia is known for its diving sites that are rich in biodiversity and the myriad colours they have to offer. While each of them has something unique to offer, there are a few sites that provide an opportunity to explore the unexplored. Labuan Marina Park is a known but relatively undiscovered marine park that has plenty to please a diver. A great variety of marine life and corals can be found here but the highlights are the World War II wrecks that provide a sneak peek into history to the enthusiastic diver.
You have walked, taken a ferry, driven around in a car or flown across on a plane. Here’s a new way to discover Malaysia. On horseback. Trot along the beach on horseback as you discover a new side of Port Dickson. You can get yourself a horse at many resorts but with horse trails, wagon rides and lots of outdoor activities, you want to be at the Eagle Ranch Resort.
When you are thinking of hitting the highlands in Malaysia, Genting and Cameron pop right into the head. Maxwell Hill, a lesser known and undiscovered hill station in Malaysia is endowed with picturesque mountains, fluffy clouds and a quaint appeal. Here, lush green landscapes carpet the area and you have your head in the clouds, literally. Almost suddenly, the clouds rush off ushering in the pitter patter of rain which makes its exit just as quickly to reveal a stunning blue sky. All in a day’s work.
Malaysia has many islands that tempt with their waters and white, sandy beaches. But rarely do any offer a chance to go snorkeling with sharks. At Pulau Perhentian, you can do just that. You are carefully informed by your guides that these sharks don’t bay for your blood. And you really hope they don’t. One thing is for sure, the waters belong to the sharks here. They swim around languidly, getting your nerves tingling with a mere look, casually thrown your way. The thrill is the temptation and the fun here!

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