Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Eco spas in Malaysia

A spa visit helps to rejuvenate both mind and body.  Most people nowadays lead such frantically busy lives that a spa visit is often recommended as a perfect antidote to relieve stress and tension. The tropical paradise of Malaysia is home to a wide array of spa-resorts and is now considered to be highly coveted spa destination. 
Many of Malaysia’s spa resorts are situated amongst the country’s lush rainforest terrain, an environment which is the focus of many a conservative effort in modern-day Malaysia.  The resorts locate here thus tend to follow a green living concept and offer a truly unique ‘wellness experience’.  Listed below are some of the most highly reputed eco-spas in Malaysia.
The Frangipani Resort and Spa, Langkawi
Nestled in a stunning corner of Pantai Tengah, a half kilometer stretch of golden sand beach in southwest Langkawi, the Frangipani resort is touted to be ‘greenest resort’ in Malaysia. The many eco-friendly initiatives at the resort strictly adhere to the re-use, recycle mantras of green living. At the resort old construction pipes are used to channel rainwater into wet lands while old furniture is not thrown-away but is used to decorate staff quarters.
Mosquito control in the lush resort is achieved by strategically placing guppy fish in the resorts’ water bodies and using an in-house mosquito repellent made with lemon grass rather than buying a commercially produced repellent. Guests are also encouraged to hang-up their towels so they need not be changed every day and left-over soaps from guests’ rooms are recycled and used as cleaning detergent for toilets. The spa at the Frangipani offers a variety of well-priced mind and body improving treatments like reflexology sessions, a sauna antioxidant treatment that promises weight-loss and lowering of blood cholesterol and various other massages and rituals.
The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat
The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in Perak state is accessible via a fifteen minute drive from Ipoh city or then a two-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. Set against limestone karst formations among geothermal hotsprings, the Banjaran Hotsprings retreat offers an inimitable wellness experience. The resort which extends over seven hectares also features a naturally heated pool and a steam cave. On offer at the resort are an assortment of traditional spa treatments based on Ayurvedic therapies and Malay healing rituals
Gayana Eco Resort
Situated at the edge of a tropical forest, the Gayana Eco resort on Gaya Island is easily accessible via a ferry ride from the city of Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. The Gayan resort is equipped with 52 villas, which are built on stilts over water in an effort to co-exist in harmony with the water villages of Gaya Island. The resort is also equipped with an onsite marine ecology research center dedicated to protecting native fauna like giant clams and turtles. The Solace spa at Gayana Eco Resort offers a variety of pampering treatments at its Spa suites, each of which is equipped with a shower and whirlpool, in an effort to recreate the elements that surround the resort. Recreational activities at the resort include diving and snorkeling, jungle-trekking and kayaking.
The Bunga Raya Island Resort
Situated on gorgeous Malohom Bay on Gaya Island, the Bunga Raya Island resort is the sister-resort of the Gayana eco resort and hence shares facilities like the Marine Ecology Centre. The resort offers spacious accommodations equipped with terraces that afford views of the jungle or the South China Sea. The spa pavilions and treatment rooms at the Bunga Raya resort have been built into the dense jungle terrain that covers the island. Nature walks through the dense mangrove forests and activities like scuba diving and snorkeling are on offer at the resort.
The Borneo Highlands Resort
The Borneo Highlands Resort is an eco-resort located in the Penrissen Highlands of Sarawak. The resort offers rooms that are adorned with classic Malaysian décor and rustic furnishings. The Jungle Spa retreat is a leafy enclave that aims to recreate the ambience of the tropical rainforest within which the resort is situated. Treatments at the spa include traditional massages, foot reflexology, pampering facial and body treatments and a signature Bidayuh massage which features the use of massage oil blended with herbs, coconut, pepper and ginger which is made in-house at the resort.

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