Monday, April 22, 2013

Malaysia Water Festival

The month of April sees soaring temperatures over most regions in Malaysia. Daily highs of around 32°C are constant throughout the month while temperatures that exceed 33°C are not uncommon. These sultry conditions set the stage for the celebration of water festivals in various seaside towns of Malaysia. Coastal dstinations like Langkawi, Labuan and Port Dickson, are in fact especially known for their elaborate celebrations of the Malaysia Water Festival.
This year, the Malaysia Water Festival is set to be celebrated at the end of April, over three days from the 26th to the 28th of April.
In the island state of Labuan in East Malaysia, the Malaysia Water Festival is a popular draw for millions of visitors. This event which is organized the Ministry of Tourism in Malaysia, features many fun events along with contests like the Labuan International Fishing Tournament, Kayak Sprint Challenge, Labuan Cross Channel Swimming Challenge, the Labuan Boat Tug-of-War and the Labuan International Boat Race.
Various other light-hearted beach side activities like a sandcastle competition, a pillow- fighting challenge and a children’s coloring competition encourage the participation of the general public. All these competitions and fun activities are accompanied by much music, dance and the easy availability of many delectable Malaysian eats. The celebration of the Malaysia Water Festival in Labuan is a sensory delight and should be experienced on any visit to Malaysia in April.
Additionally, it is worth noting that Labuan is one of the three main domestic duty free enclaves in Malaysia. The Labuan Town Center is littered with shops that offer an exciting range of duty-free products like chocolates, textiles, pearls, liquor and more. So a cultural expedition to the Malaysia Water Festival in Labuan can be easily combined with a spot of desirable duty-free shopping.
The Malaysia Water Festival on Langkawi is a grand event. In fact the celebration of the festival on Langkawi entered the Malaysia Book of Records in 2008 for it hosted a staggering 115 activities in one single event.
The Malaysia Water festival on Langkawi was first held in 2002. The event back then featured many water-based activities like an island-to-island kayak race, a sandcastle-building competition, an underwater treasure hunt, beach netball games and, fishing competitions. In recent years, however  the repertoire of the festival has been expanded to include events like batik painting competitions, sand collage and cooking contests, karaoke, water polo matches, coloring contests along with a sepakraga tuju tournament (a local sport  that involves much kicking of a ball). The Langkawi water festival is held at various locales all over the island though many of the contests and challenges are concentrated around the Telaga Harbour Park in Pantai Kok and around the Pantai Cenang beach front.
The Langkawi Water Festival attracts both domestic and international tourists alike. If you are planning a trip to Langkawi during April, you should plan to take in some of the events of this raucous water festival.
Additionally,  Langkawi like Labuan is a domestic duty free destination in Malaysia and offers fabulous duty-free shopping experiences at its many malls and shopping centers like the Langkawi Mall, the Fair Shopping Complex, the Jetty Point Duty Free complex amongst others.

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