Friday, May 24, 2013

Colours of Malaysia

Malaysia celebrates her fascinating, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural heritage, with much razzle–dazzle in the form of the month-long Citrawana festival each year. The term Citrawana, which translates into the ‘colours of Malaysia’ is an annual event, generally planned for the month of May.
The kick-off event for Citrawana 2013 is scheduled to be held at Kuala Lumpur’s Dataran Merdeka (Freedom Square) on 18th of May, this year. Featuring 4000 participants, this riot of colors, costumes and sounds, will take the form of a long procession that extends over one and half kilometers. This parade will feature the representation of each of Malaysia’s 13 individual states, as they come together to showcase their rich, multi-cultural tapestry by way of glittering traditional song and dance performances. The parade will also serve as a tableau to highlight Malaysia’s rich history, its diverse peoples, religions and its bountiful flora and fauna. Passionate and energized performances will enthrall and enchant the crowns, as they celebrate Malaysia’s amazing diversity and announce its shining future.
This inaugural event will then be followed by a month-long fascinating cultural extravaganza, featuring traditional performances, colorful parades, exhibitions and fests that will illustrate Malaysia’s many diverse traditional arts and crafts while offering samplings of its rich cuisine which is as a matter of fact truly representative of the amalgamation of diverse cultures and ethnicities that make up the people of Malaysia.
The Citrawana festival was conceived by the government of Malaysia to boost tourism to the country, by introducing visitors to the country’s fascinating cultural diversity. The Citrawana festival, is thought to be the ideal time to visit the country, for during this month-long all of Malaysia comes together to put on an impressive show while enthusiastically welcoming both local and international tourists.
Moreover, during this festive month, scores of retail and hotel discounts are offered as visitors are showered with plentiful opportunities to sample delectable Malaysian cuisines and shop for traditional Malaysian arts and crafts, like pewter, batik and songket, woodcarvings, beaded slippers and more. So come on over to Malaysia and bask in its glorious colors while you take in the myriad delights of Citrawana.

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