Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Escape Adventure Play theme Park Penang

Penang, the favored destination of the beach and food obsessed hordes, now has a brand-new attraction in the form of the ESCAPE Adventure Play Theme park, which opened its doors to the public in December 2012. The brainchild of a local Penangite and theme park entrepreneur, founder and chief executive of Sim Leisure, Sim Choo Kheng, and this theme park is a family-friendly enterprise that was built to encourage both adults and children to revel in outdoor pursuits set in the midst of natural surroundings.
While conceiving of the idea of such a park, Sim drew upon his own childhood experiences and the fun he had with his friends, playing amongst natural environs while growing up in a kampong in Penang. He used to these personal experiences to create this ‘outdoorsy ’park in an effort to entice children to spend more time playing outdoors.  Sim believes modern-day youngsters spend too much time cooped up in front of a computer or idiot box and this sedentary life is not healthy.
Sim’s park which is located in the catchment area of Penang’s Teluk Bahang dam, offers a variety of invigorating activities that aim to energize the body, mind and soul. Once you arrive at Escape Adventure Play Park, you are expected to leave your stresses and strains at the door, as you throw yourself into the various ‘play’ activities at the park. Popular activities at the park include:-
Atan's Leap
Become weightless as you leap through the air like Atan (the hero of the park) and experience a rush of adrenalin as you rapidly descend onto a cushioned but secure landing.
Monkey Business
Navigate the challenging rope course as you learn to climb and perfect your balance like a tree-climbing primate. The activity offers three levels of expertise and is deemed suitable for all ages.
Go Ape
Relive the joy of climbing trees and bring out your inner ape, as you race your friends and family to the top. A similar experience can be had at the Coco climb which extracts your natural ability to climb a tall palm tree by instinct. Coco climb can be partaken individually or as part of a group activity.
Gecko Tower
Learn to become as sure-footed as a gecko as you shimmy up this climbing tower safe in the knowledge that you are protected by the climb’s auto-belay system in case you lose your nerve.
Tubby Racer
Have oodles of fun as you race downhill aboard a tubby tube. You can even link several tubes together to enhance your enjoyment.
Zoom Bug
Go-karting is always fun but the ESCAPE theme park’s human-powered go-karting activity enhances the pleasure of this activity.
These are just some of the many activities offered at Escape Adventure Theme Park. So if your everyday life seems like a chore and you feel burdened with cares, why don’t you runaway to Penang’s Escape Adventure play theme park and refresh your body and soul as you come alive?
4-12 years – RM45
13-60years- RM60
Above 60- RM45
20% Discount for Malaysians
Address: 828 Jalan Teluk Bahang 11050 (Before Butterfly Farm)

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