Monday, May 6, 2013

Helicopter tours in Malaysia

The Malaysian state of Sabah located on the northern most tip of the island of Borneo abounds with numerous natural attractions. Located here are tall, imposing peaks like Mount Kota Kinabalu and Mount Tabuyukon, lush nature reserves and parks like the Kinabalu Park, the Tabin Wildlife Reserve, the Maliau Basin, the Danum Wildlife Conservation Area and awe-inspiring dive sites within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park  and around islands like Sipadan and Pulau Layang Layang.

Why take a helicopter tour in Sabah?

While most of these sites are accessible by road or even by boat, some like the Maliau Basin (Sabah’s lost world), Mabul Island and the Danum Valley, need some effort and planning to get to. This is where taking a helicopter tour in Sabah makes perfect sense, for such a tour provides visitors the chance to view these wondrous sites at close quarters without stressing about or coordinating complicated travel arrangements.
Moreover, these aerial tours make even more sense, if visitors are pressed for time but want to pack in all or most of Sabah’s fascinating sites during their visit. Additionally, for visitors who have an aversion to sea travel due to sea-sickness or other ailments, these helicopter tours provide safe passage to remote island paradises, which would otherwise be inaccessible to them.

Various helicopter tour operators offer aerial tours of Sabah’s many attractions along with transfers to remote beach islands and seemingly inaccessible destinations. These tours are further priced according to the duration of flights offered and number of people transported.

Popular helicopter tours in Sabah include:-

Journey to Sabah’s lost world- the Maliau Basin

Located in Tawau in South Central Sabah, the Maliau Basin is a remote nature paradise that is home to 12 types of forest and the stunning seven-tiered Maliau falls. This hard to access jungle paradise offers much opportunity for trekking and bird watching, and is a favored destination for nature enthusiasts.

An aerial tour of Kota Kinabalu

This aerial tour affords visitors with stunning vistas of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park composed of five stunning islands surrounded by magnificent coral reefs and crystal -clear waters. The tour also includes a flight over Kota Kinabalu city and its various landmarks like the 30-storey high Menara Tun Mustapha. The tour then proceeds over mountain ranges, until the copter comes to hover over the summit of the majestic Mount Kinabalu, the tallest peak in South-East Asia that rises to a height of 4,095 m (13,435 feet).above sea-level Visitors aboard the helicopter actually experience the exhilaration of standing atop Mt Kinabalu without having exerted themselves at all.

Island Hopping in Semporna

Fly above the awe-inspiring island paradises of Mabul, Mataking, Kapalai and Sipadan as you are afforded magnificent views of Sabah’s cerulean waters and fascinating marine line. Additionally you can choose to even land on one of these isles (excepting Sipadan) to enjoy a quick look-see of the island and its magnificent environs.

A helicopter tour in Sabah should be considered a definite must-do on any trip to this natural attraction filled easternmost Malaysian state.

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