Tuesday, May 7, 2013

International Pahang River Rafting Expedition

If the scorching temperatures of the Indian summer are driving you insane, consider cooling off in Malaysia at the International Pahang River Rafting Expedition. Scheduled over a week from 12th May to 18th May, this annual event attracts scores of adventure tourists from around the world.
The Pahang River rafting expedition was first launched in 2001 as a part of the Malaysia National Water Festival. Since its inception, this immensely popular event which has gone one to become an annual event, which routinely attracts over a hundred participants from countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and the Philippines. To take part in the event, you only have to furnish proof that you are above 18 years of age and are in sound health. You also need to have a team of five fellow oarsmen and a bamboo raft equipped with bamboo oars and steering poles.
This exhilarating rafting expedition usually kicks off in Temerloh, and requires participants to traverse over 300 kilometers of the fast-flowing, often treacherous Pahang River, over a period of eight days and seven nights, until they arrive at the expedition’s terminating point in Kuala Pahang. Each night of the expedition is spent at a different riverside kampong like Serengkam, Kampung Baru Salong, Chenor and Ganchong, where the participants are entertained and feted by the villagers with traditional feasts (Kenduri) and cultural performances and games.
The expedition may sound quite facile but it is far from easy, for the Pahang River which tumbles down from a height of 2187 meters on Mount Tahan, is littered with a combination of problematic and calm sections as it flows through various gradients. Navigating a bamboo raft on such waters, in fact requires much skill and dexterity and even though the rafting expedition provides much heart-thumping excitement, it’s not recommended for the faint-hearted. On aside, the rafts are gaily decorated for the event and there are various prizes at stake in different categories including the most coveted prize, being the one for the ‘fastest team’.

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