Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kuantan River Cruise

Kuantan is the largest town and the center of administration for the largest state on peninsular Malaysia, Pahang. Kuantan was declared as the capital of Pahang in 1955. However, this town which is strategically located on the mouth of the Kuantan River, has  for decades functioned as an important trading port for Pahang, a state rich in various natural resources like tin, timber, gold and a center of production for tea and various fish based products.
If you happen to find yourself in Kuantan , then a cruise on the Kuantan River is one attraction you cannot afford to miss. These Kuantan River cruises are offered several times a day and they depart periodically from the town’s Shahbandar Jetty located near the Esplanade. The cruise boats sail out towards the mouth of the Kuantan River, as they pass under the city’s Tanjung Lumpur Bridge.
Visitors aboard the vessel are treated to the sight of a changing skyline as they traverse down the river, and the tall, sky-scrapers of Kuantan soon give way to traditional fishing settlements and mangrove forests. The first stop on the Kuantan river cruise is a halt at the Tanjung Lumpur village located near the mouth of Kuantan River. This village is home to a fishing community, who depends on the sea for its livelihood.
The cruise then continues to traverse through the scenic landscape of an ancient (500 year old) mangrove forest reserve that lines the banks of the  Kuantan River and encompasses an area of 340 hectares. This lush, swamp area plays host to much aquatic life in the form of several species of estuarine plants, fish and birds. 
The cruise then makes a second halt at the 1000 meter long wooden walkway which was constructed to provide visitors access to this swamp area. Once here they can examine the reserve’s fascinating marine life at close quarters. Some of the mangroves located within this swamp can be easily identified as they are marked with signage, though all the plants housed within the swamp have vital importance Pahang’s economy, for they belong to a species of plant life that can be easily transformed into high-grade charcoal.
The last stop on this hour long cruise is the port of Medan Feri, where visitors can avail of a short break and refreshments.
The daytime cruises on the Kuantan River are offered every three hours and have a capacity for twenty passengers at a time. The cruise company that conducts these cruises also offers evening cruises that extend approximately over two hours and travel upstream on the Kuantan River.
Whether you prefer a daytime or nighttime cruise, a river cruise on the Kuantan River is a highly recommended attraction for it provides visitors with an opportunity to observe the fascinating life forms that exist along this important waterway.

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