Friday, June 21, 2013

Berjaya Times Square Theme Park

The Berjaya Times Square Theme Park is a truly massive theme park spanning 133,000 square feet housed over two levels within Kuala Lumpur’s largest shopping cum entertainment mall, Times Square. Previously known as Cosmo’s World, the legend of the Berjaya Times Square Theme Park states that it was built by a fictitious character, Professor Cosmo, an alleged child genius who was born on the planet of Cosmos and was known for his extraordinary inventions. The professor was aided in his efforts by his clumsy assistant, Ooort.
This theme park aims to provide hours of fun for all ages, adults included. For this  reason it is divided into two main sections, namely the Fantasy Garden equipped with 8 rides on level 5 which caters to younger visitors and infants, and the Galaxy Station located on level 7 which features heart-stopping, thrilling rides targeted at adults and older children.
This entertaining theme park is open to public every day and details about opening times and ticket prices can be found on its website.
Points to bear in mind while planning your theme park expedition to Berjaya Times Square Theme Park
In the Fantasy Garden some rides are limited to young ones under the height of 147cm
An admission ticket to the theme park allows you enter and exit up to three times on a single day in case you need to exit the theme park to go and get lunch etc.
Eats within the theme park are limited to snacks and such.
The theme park is very family-friendly and is also equipped with a nursing station catering to mother visiting with infant children.
Main Attractions
Rides within the Fantasy Garden
Buddy Go Round
This colorful carousel features horses and other creatures as it provides kids with a fun, entertaining ride.
Fantasy Trail
This train which can accommodate all the family, traverses the theme park as it enables you to soak in the scenery.
Botanic Drive
Hop onto to a jeep and drive around the Fantasy Garden, as you explore its various nooks and crannies (maybe a bit of a bumpy ride for little babies).
Molly-Cool’s Swing
This boat which rocks like a cradle makes for a gentler ride.
Crazy Bus
Yet another family-friendly ride, the Crazy Bus invites all to hop on aboard for a wacky ride around the Fantasy Garden.
Flying Bumble Bee
The flying bumble bees offer kids a chance to fly around the wonderful Fantasy Garden.
Robo Crash
Robo Crash enables young kids to have a rollicking good time as they experience the thrill of crashing and bumping toy cars.
Honey Bump
Honey bump allows the tiniest tots to have a go as well.
Rides within the futuristic Galaxy Station
Supersonic Odyssey
The Supersonic Odyssey is the Galaxy Station’s most prominent attraction; this stomach-turning, multiple-inverted 800 meter long, indoor roller coaster is the longest of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region and travels at a thrilling maximum speed of 80kmph.
Spinning Orbit
This 48-seater ride gives you an out of this world experience as it transports you to highest park of the theme park at a height of 30 meters above ground level, rotating at 10 rpm all time.
Space Attack
Yet another exciting ride is Space Attack. This giant pendulum-like ride swings you backwards and forwards at a jaw-dropping height of 20 meters.
DNA Mixer
This multi-person ride induces stomach-churning thrills as it lurches backwards and forwards and tilts at the same time.
Ooort’s Express
This merry-go-round like ride seems to spin out of control as it revolves at a speed of 17 rpm.
Dizzy Lizzy
This contraption resembles a spider and spins around forty people at a time.
Looking for a fun theme park experience on trip to Kuala Lumpur?, the Berjaya Times Square Theme Park ticks all the boxes as it promises oodles of fun for all the family.

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