Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Malaysia Tourism Centre

The Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTic) is housed within a historic, colonial era building in Kuala Lumpur. The building which dates back to 1935, once served as the residence of a wealthy, mining and rubber estate tycoon, Eu Tong Sen. During the Second World War the building served as the war office of the British Army but it soon came under Japanese control. After the war as well as colonial rule had ended, the control of the building was passed on to the Federation of Malaya.
The building then was used for various ceremonial occasions like the installation ceremonies of Prime ministers and various Malaysian Kings.  In 1988, the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism renovated and expanded the building and rechristened it as Malaysia Tourist Information Complex (MATIC). This tourism centre was created as a one-stop shop to help tourists plan their expeditions in and around Malaysia. In addition to providing tourists with a whole host of facilities, this centre also hosts several cultural shows and performances regularly, so that tourists can get a glimpse into the rich history and traditions of Malaysia before they embark on their travels around the country.

Facilities available at the MATIC

Easy availability of Tourist Assistants

The Malaysia Tourist Information Complex has several tourist assistants who can aid and advice tourists, on various tourism-related matters like tourist attractions, public transportation, travel itineraries and more.

The Tourist Police Counter

Onsite at the centre is a Tourist Police Cell which functions 24 hours to help tourists with various enquiries and complaints they may have.

Computers for use by the public

The building is also equipped with seven internet-ready computers which are accessible by the public and can be used to browse for information as well as the official website of the Malaysian Tourism authority.

Malaysian Travel Business Counter

The Malaysia Tourism Centre also hosts a Malaysian Travel Business Counter which offers facilities for booking bus trips, making hotel reservations and planning domestic tour packages.


Karyaneka showcases the incredibly rich tradition of Malaysian arts and crafts. On offer at this crafts boutique are various souvenir and handicraft items like batik textiles, rattan baskets, woodcarvings, silverware, pewter ware, along with locally produced lifestyle products and souvenir items. Karyneka also includes  a small crafts museum which has various indigenous Malaysian arts and crafts on display, along with information about their production.

Money changing facilities
The Malaysia Tourist Information Complex offers convenient money changing facilities for tourists, in the form of its resident Money Changer. This money changing facility is available all day from 9am to 6pm. Aside from a resident money changer; the bureau is also equipped with an ATM, which can also be used for money changing facilities.
Cultural shows and dance performances
Various cultural shows and dance performances are offered four days a week to acquaint visitors with Malaysian culture and traditions. These performances are held in the mini- auditorium within the complex.
Displays of traditional costumes and apparel
The complex also has on display various Malaysian traditional costumes and apparel sported by the various ethnic groups that make up the Malaysian population. The Cekak Musang Malay Shirt, the Baju Kurung,  the Samfu and the Shanghai Dress, the Salwar Kameez and the Kurta Pijama, the costume of the Iban Warrior and the Kadazan costume of the Sabah tribesman are some of the many displays, which are showcased at the complex.
Food and Beverage outlets
The complex is also equipped with various food and beverage outlets like Saloma’s Theatre Restaurant, Saloma’s Bistro and the MaTiC Courtyard, all of which offer visitors a chance to relax as they partake of delectable local eats.
The Cocoa Boutique
The complex’s Cocoa Boutique offers various varieties of locally produced fine chocolates for sale.
With its bouquet of comprehensive facilities, the Malaysia Tourism Centre in Kuala Lumpur is a recommended pit stop for tourists planning travels around Malaysia.

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