Monday, June 24, 2013

Pahang International Bird Race

Fancy a little bird watching? Then you should perhaps thinking of heading out  to Malaysia’s old-world hill station, Fraser’s Hill, situated within the Titiwangsa range in the state of  Pahang.
Blessed with  year round pleasant climate, characterized by temperatures that range between 17°C~25°C ( 63°F~77°F), Fraser’s Hill, which is located at an elevation of  1,524m above sea-level, is covered with  lush montane vegetation. This dense jungle canopy plays host to more than 250 species of local and migratory birds.
Glorious native avian species like magnificent Hornbills, glorious Malayan peacocks, fire-tuffed barbets, pheasants and mountain birds from as far away as Siberia, the Middle East and the islands of Far Eastern Asia can be spotted periodically in and around Fraser’s Hill. This great diversity has made Fraser’s Hill, a favored spot with bird-watching enthusiasts in Malaysia.
The annual Pahang International Bird Race is a competitive event that invites avid bird watchers from all over to come to Fraser’s Hill, to sight, identify and record the most number of avian species.
The event which attracts scores of birdwatchers divides them into three main categories:-
The Advanced Category
This category features seniors and experienced bird watchers, who routinely come to Fraser’s Hill for bird watching runs.
The Locals Category
This section of the competition is made up of local residents who know the birds which inhabit their environs well and can probably easily identify them.
The Novice Category
This category of the competition is reserved for relative new bird watchers who have just been introduced to the sport or have taken it up out of curiosity or even as a hobby.
The Pahang International Bird Race, this year is scheduled for the weekend of 22nd to 23rd of June.  The event seeks to promote interaction and mingling amongst bird-watching enthusiasts in Malaysia, though it also has a secondary if not equally important objective of promoting Fraser’s Hill as a prominent destination for ecotourism in Malaysia.
So if you think you have it in you to identify various chirps and tweets, why not head on to Fraser’s Hill in Pahang to test your mettle against fellow bird-watchers from around the globe?

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