Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Kuala Lumpur Orchid and Hibiscus gardens

The Kuala Lumpur Orchid and Hibiscus gardens are located within the city’s famed Lake Garden complex. The gardens which are known as Taman Bunga Raya and Taman Bunga Orkid, respectively are situated on the highest point of the Lake Gardens complex overlooking the KL Bird Park.
The Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden
The Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden hosts more than 800 species of orchids hailing from various parts of the world. The orchid is a favored bloom in Malaysia and numerous varieties of hybrid and wild orchids can be found throughout the country. Areas like Taman Negara, the Cameroon Highlands, and the Kinabalu National Park in Sabah are renowned for their plentiful, colorful stunning wild orchid varieties.
The Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden was founded in April 1986 to showcase Malaysia’s vast repository of native orchids though the garden also functions a center for growing, conserving and studying these exotic and much coveted blooms. Two main types of orchids are displayed at the garden wild orchids and hybrid orchids. The garden is further equipped with a semi-circular pergola for the display of climbing and epiphytic orchid varieties. Also onsite at the garden is a rock garden used to showcase terrestrial varieties of orchids.
The garden is a profusion of color as it features orchids of every structure and color. A small part of the garden is designated as a retail area where orchids and souvenirs are offered for sale. Orchid growers are also on hand to provide growing and caring tips to visitors shopping for blooms.
The Hibiscus Garden
The Hibiscus Garden lies adjacent to the Orchid Garden and offers displays of more than 200 varieties of Hibiscus blooms. The vibrant Hibiscus, often referred to as the 'Queen of Tropical Flowers' has been designated as Malaysia’s national flower, specifically the ‘rosa sinensis’ variety, which is known in Malay as ‘Bunga Raya’.
The Hibiscus Garden is a terraced space which features an abundance of blooms planted along pathways and on the terraces. Many varieties of Hibiscus are on display at the garden including single petal and multiple petal varieties in a multitude of hues. It is said that the garden hosts 40 types of local hybrid hibiscus and more than 65 types of hybrid hibiscus which hail from overseas. Water bodies, a small fountain, bloom-lined walkways and benches round up the décor of this beautiful flower-filled paradise.
If you like most folk have a passion for flowers; you can’t afford to miss out on a trip to Kuala Lumpur’s stunning twin attractions of the Orchid and Hibiscus gardens.

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