Monday, July 15, 2013

Out and about in KL

The dynamic Malaysian capital city is a revelation for most tourists. Popularly referred to as ‘KL’, bustling Kuala Lumpur is a vibrant metropolis whose cityscape features tall, glass-fronted skyscrapers standing alongside grand, old-world buildings that date back to the country’s colonial era. Often used as the main access point to Peninsular Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur warrants the spending a stop , for the city has much to offer for tourists of all ages.
Marvel at the sheer beauty of the towering PETRONAS Towers
KL’s 88-storey PETRONAS twin towers once held the titled of the tallest buildings in the world until they were knocked off from this spot by other towering edifices situated in various cities around the world. The PETRONAS towers may not be the tallest buildings in the world now but they continue to hold the title of the tallest twin buildings in the world and are definitely considered a must-do attraction in the city. The towers and their observation decks are open to the public every day except Monday. Located at the base of the towers are various attractions like the Suria shopping mall, the KLCC Park, the PETRONAS Philharmonic Hall, the PETRONAS Art Gallery and the Aquaria Oceanarium
Take a Malaysia Heritage Walk
Discover the many facets of KL as you walk its vibrant streets as a part of a guided tour. Learn about the history and heritage of KL and become acquainted with its peoples, foods and traditions.
Shop up a storm
KL offers countless shopping options at its many luxurious malls, bustling street markets and handicraft enclaves (The Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex). Most shopping surveys rate KL highly in terms of range of goods offered and affordability of prices charged. Moreover, the city hosts various annual shopping extravaganzas like the 1Malaysia GP Sale and the 1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival which never fail to entice shoppers with their tantalizing discounts.
Fall in love with local cuisine
Malaysia is renowned for its numerous gastronomic delights like Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak, Laksa, Rojak, Satays and many more. Sample these delectable native eats at the many food courts and hawker centers in the city. A highly recommended locale for sampling these foods is at the Hutong food court, located in the basement of the Lot 10 shopping mall at Bukit Bintang. This food court features outposts of some of the best family-run eateries from all over Malaysia. Additionally, if you like what you sample, you can even graduate to eating at one of KL’s famed all-night food streets, like the famed Jalan Alor
Explore the Islamic Arts Museum
KL is home to several interesting museums. The Islamic Arts Museum is perhaps one of the most exceptional museums in the city, and is thus considered a ‘must-do’ on any trip to KL. The museum is equipped with various themed galleries like Textiles, Architecture, Malay World, Jewelry, the Qu’ran, Arms and Amour, Metal Works and Ceramics. Displayed within these galleries is an extensive collection of Islamic art hailing from various eras and regions of the world.
Get educated at the Petrosains Science discovery center
The Petrosains Science Discovery Center is a showcase for the Malaysian petroleum industry. The museum which is located on level 4 of Suria KLCC offers more than 150 exhibits designed to educate and entertain. Star attractions at the museum include the Dark Ride roller coaster ride, an attraction called Speed which stimulates Formula 1 racing and the Geotime Diorama which transports visitors to the age of dinosaurs and instructs them about the discovery of petroleum.
Get one with nature at the Lake Gardens Complex
The Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens’ complex is the city’s main green lung which spans 91.6 verdant hectares. The complex has been built around an artificial lake and features the concept of a garden within a garden with its several individual gardens like the Orchid and Hibiscus Gardens, the Butterfly Park, the KL Bird Park, the Deer Park and more.
Have a sundowner at the Sky bar atop the Traders Hotel
End your day, of being out and about in KL, at the Skybar located on the 33rd floor of the city’s Trader’s Hotel. The bar, a covered space features a long shimmering pool and is equipped with a DJ who spins popular tunes all night long. The bar offers expertly mixed cocktails accompanied by tasty morsels and affords stunning views of the exciting city that lies beneath.

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