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Perak is the second largest state in Peninsular Malaysia. The city of Ipoh is the administrative capital of the Perak.  The state’s official name is ‘Perak Darul Ridzuan’ which translates as ‘Perak, the abode of grace’.  The term Perak, itself translates as silver and probably alludes to the time when Ipoh, was a prominent center for tin-mining during colonial times.
As a state Perak has much to offer for visitors in the form of various enchanting attractions some of which are listed below:-
Ipoh, the capital city of Perak is one of the most populous cities of Peninsular Malaysia. This city which is located at a distance of 200 km north of Kuala Lumpur is easily accessed via a two hour drive on Malaysia’s famed North-South Expressway. Additionally, Ipoh, which is surrounded by a landscape of limestone outcrops, also offers easy access to several popular Malaysian tourist destinations like Penang and the Cameron Highlands. However, Ipoh itself offers a multitude of attractions, which are well worth perusing.
Popular attractions in Ipoh include the Gunung Lang and the Lost World of Tambun recreational parks along with stunning remnants of the colonial era like the Ipoh Railway Station, the Town Hall and the High Court. Also on offer are various multi-cultural attractions like the Mariamman Kovil temple, the Sam Poh Tong temple, the Kek Lok Tong temple and the Perak cave with its many beautiful Buddha figures. A renowned foodie destination, Ipoh is also famed for its delicious hawker fare which features native delicacies like Kai See Sar Hor Fun(flat rice noodles in soup),  Tauge Ayam, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Char Quay Teow, Wantan Mee , Ipoh white coffee and more.
Pangkor Island
Pangkor Island is located off the coast of Perak. The island, which offers a charming mix of old-world fishing villages and upmarket resorts located on pristine white sand beaches, is a popular holiday destination with locals and tourists alike.
Kellies Castle
Kellie’s Castle is situated near Batu Gajah and is accessible via a short twenty-minute drive from Ipoh. This unfinished mansion, which currently is in a ruined state, was built by a Scottish plantation owner William Kellie Smith, who wished to build a home that was reminiscent of his home in Scotland. The castle is perched atop a hill, situated in the midst of lands that used to constitute a rubber estate. Work on the castle commenced in 1915 but construction came to an abrupt halt with Kellie’s death in 1926. Today, this castle which has been never lived in and which is known to be equipped secret rooms and an underground tunnel is believed to be haunted but that doesn’t stop it from being classified as a popular tourist attraction in Perak.
Sungai Klah Hot Springs Resort
Set amongst lush palm oil plantations and fruit-fill durian orchards, the picturesque Sungai Klah Hot Springs Resort located at the foothills of the Titiwangsa Range 200 feet above sea level is an extremely popular wellness destination. The resort which is surrounded by hills and cool mountain streams spans 6.5 scenic acres and hosts a free flowing Hot Springs Swimming pool and a Therapeutic Park, both of which are much favored for their healing properties. Also on offer at the resort, are traditional Malay massage packages, which are in fact especially popular with visitors.
Belum Forest Reserve
Located near Lake Temenggor in Perak, lies a vast expanse of virgin forest, known as the Belum Forest Reserve. The reserve which is one of the largest untouched forested areas in Peninsular Malaysia, is home to a wealth of native flora and fauna like tapirs, elephants, rhinoceroses, Malayan tigers and more.
Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill)
Situated at a distance of 10km from Taiping in Perak, Bukit Lurut is the oldest hill resort in Malaysia. Founded in 1884, by William Edward Maxwell, the British Assistant Resident of Perak, this hill resort which is located at a height of 1250 meters above sea level, receives more than 500 cm of rain a year and is thus believed to be one of the wettest places on Peninsular Malaysia. Not as well developed as other popular tourist spots, Cameron Highlands and Genting Highlands, Maxwell Hill, however offers much scope for bird-watching and is known for its quaint environs, which feature English-style cottages and lush gardens. Private vehicles are barred from the resort and this little piece of England in Malaysian, can only be accessed by traveling aboard government-owned 4X4 vehicles
The Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary
The Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary which is situated  within the Matang Mangrove Forest in northern Perak  serves as an important rest stop for migratory birds on their annual migration flight from the northern to the southern hemisphere. These migratory birds tend congregate on the sanctuary’s expansive mudflat area during their flight. More than 48 species of migratory birds are believed to make a stop at the sanctuary, every year between the months of September and April. These migratory birds hail from faraway lands like Siberia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Japan and China.  Common sightings at the sanctuary include Mongolian plovers, Common Redshanks, Common Greenshanks, Eurasian curlews and many more.
The above listed attractions are just a few of the many attractions, the silver state, Perak has for offer. If you would like to know more, why not plan a visit to Perak and discover for yourself what this beguiling Malaysian state has in store?

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