Monday, July 8, 2013

The Bank Negara Museum and Art Gallery

As the saying goes, money makes the world go around. If you like most people have a healthy respect for ‘moolah’ or money, then Kuala Lumpur’s relatively new attraction, the Bank Negara Museum and Art Gallery should feature as a must-visit spot on your list.
Housed in a sleek, expansive new building, the Sasana Kijang complex, situated close to the majestic building which hosts the Bank Negara or the central bank of Malaysia and the Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Memorial, the Bank Negara Museum and Art Gallery offers an educational yet entertaining experience for all.
The museum’s attractions are housed within six main galleries namely:-
The Children’s Gallery
Aimed at children five years and older, the Children’s Gallery offers various interactive exhibits which aim to educate the young ones about money.
The Bank Negara Gallery
The Bank Negara Gallery offers information about the history and operations of Malaysia’s main central bank. The bank which helps to maintain a sound and stable financial system in Malaysia is also responsible for the issue of all the notes and coins in the country. A process, the bank started in 1967 and continues until today.
The Economics Gallery
The Economics Gallery chronicles the growth and development of the Malaysian economy as it navigates through an ever-changing global economic landscape.
The Islamic Finance Gallery
Malaysia is a leading hub for Islamic finance and this gallery offers much information on a unique financial system which is gaining much popularity and acceptance around the world.
The Numismatics Galley
The Malaysian central bank has for years been collecting coins with the aim of setting up a money museum. The Numismatics gallery of the museum chronicles the history of the Malaysian legal tender–the ringgit and its role in the social, economic and cultural development of the country.
The Art Gallery
The Art Gallery is perhaps the most interesting section of the museum. The Malaysian central bank has a large collection of artworks that currently stands at about 1700 works. This extensive collection has been built up over the years and features many big names of the domestic and international art world. Aside from its permanent collection, the gallery also hosts a rotating exhibition calendar.  On offer at the gallery at present is an exposition titled- ‘Fabrics of Society’ which will be on until the end of this year. So if you happen to be in Kuala Lumpur any time before 31st of December, do remember to pay a visit to this truly interesting attraction.
Open daily from10 am to 6pm, the Bank Negara museum and art gallery offers free access to the public.

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