Saturday, August 10, 2013

Penang Toy Museum/ Toy museum in Georgetown

Visiting Penang with your children in tow? Then you have to pencil in a visit to Georgetown’s famed toy museum. Reputed to be the largest museum dedicated to toys in the world, this fun-filled space houses more than 100,000 toys of every form and type. Dolls, Japanese manga characters, Hollywood dolls; this ode to childhood hosts them all and more.

Conceived and created by engineer and long time Penang resident, Loh Lean Cheng, the toy museum is a hit with the young and old alike, and it welcomes more than 2000 visitors everyday. The idea for setting up such a museum came to Cheng, after he visited the London Toy and Model museum at the age of 19 and was blown away by its display of toys.

Cheng then began to assemble his own collection of toys and his first purchase was a Popeye doll that he bought in 1973 for the princely sum of 50pence. Thirty years on, his collection features more than 130,000 toys, of which 100,000 are on display at the museum while 30,000 are kept in storage. One of the most expensive toys in the collection is the 1.8m-tall Gundam robot sourced from Japan, which cost a whopping RM9, 000. Once Cheng had his toy collection in place, he founded his museum, which was then opened to the public in 2005.

Cheng’s toys maybe the star attractions at the museum but the museum’s display platforms are equally awe-inspiring equipped as they are with dazzling light and sound effects.

The toy museum is divided into various different sections according to the theme of the toys it hosts. So the museum offers galleries like: -


Chamber of Horror (not recommended for the very young or very sensitive kids)

Chamber of Monsters

Chamber of Comic Book Heroes

Cave of Dinosaurs,

Fields of Combat

Hall of Virtual Reality

Hall of Rock Legends

Hall of Celebrities

Hall of Cartoons

Hall of Beauties (filled with Barbie dolls)

Star Wars Collections and more


Screams of delight are commonplace at the Penang Toy Museum, as children espy many of their favorite toy friends on display here. Such is the popularity and renown of this charming attraction that it has also made its foray into the Malaysia Book of Records as the first and the largest toy museum in the country.


The museum is definitely a must-visit attraction amongst the many foodie and cultural attractions in Penang and the museum should be visited by not only just by the young but the young at heart as well.


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