Sunday, October 13, 2013

KidZania, little people in a big world

Traveling in Kuala Lumpur with kids? Are they complaining about being dragged to sights and shopping centers? Why not treat them with a fun-filled day’s outing at Kuala Lumpur’s premier info-entertainment center, Kidzania.
Housed within the city’s Curve mall, Kidzania Kuala Lumpur is part of the world-wide chain of children’s activity centers that are proving to be immensely popular. At Kidzania, children have a chance to role play at a grown- up profession that they feel naturally drawn to or then are curious about. For instance, at the Kuala Lumpur outpost of Kidzania, a child can try his or her hand at learning to pilot a plane, at driving an ambulance, at treating an ailment and much more.  To enable this, Kidzania in Kuala Lumpur is equipped with sixty diverse establishments offering 90 entertaining and informative activities. All these various activities cater to children aged four to twelve.

Once children enter the Kidzania premises, they are introduced to a child-sized replica of the real world, complete with buildings, stores, cinemas, vehicles, street-lights, pedestrians, petrol-stations and the lot. Before kids can start off with their activities, they are required to open a savings account with the KidZania bank. As soon as they do this, they are supplied with Kidzos (the official currency used in KidZania) and a working debit card which is valid at ATMs located around Kidzania.
Once they are flush with Kidzos, children can enroll in activity classes offered by the various establishments and they can also begin to earn Kidzos as they begin to perform their various role plays. Every establishment is outfitted with a board that lists the amount of Kidzos that are required to be paid, if a child wants to take a class at a particular establishment, for instance, at the chef’s station a child may want to take a sushi-making class. The board also lists the time required for each activity and also it’s suitability for a particular age group. Also listed on the board is information about the Kidzos, a child can expect to earn by completing a role-playing activity at that particular station.

Armed with their Kidzos, the children go on to participate in various role-plays wherein they learn to check teeth like a dentist, put out fires like a firefighter, tend to wounds and ailments like a doctor, style hair like a hairdresser and even preform investigations like a detective. Each role-play gives the child a chance to earn additional Kidzos, which they can choose to spend or then save for their next visit. Accompanying parents are not allowed to participate in the role-plays but can view the activities from the outside.
The Kidzania facility in Kuala Lumpur is additionally outfitted with an air-conditioned parent’s lounge which features free food and Wi-Fi, so if your children would rather be left alone, you can go and relax in the parent’s lounge if you wish. As for food and drink, the Kidzania play area is well-equipped with several food and beverage kiosks which adequately cater to the dining needs of its young patrons.


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