Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Voluntourism in Malaysia is currently being encouraged in a big way. The government is aiming to transform Malaysia into a high income country by 2020 and is thus seeking make Malaysian youth conscious about choosing volunteering as a lifestyle choice.

The government has set up the 1Malaysia For Youth (iM4U) organization, a body which aims to educate Malaysian youth about the various volunteering opportunities that are available to them. 50 Outreach Centres have been set up at educational institutions around the country for this purpose.
The Malaysian government is seeking to emphasize the concept that true voluntary activity does not need huge fund allocations but the willingness and the sincerity among people to contribute to society and the needy. Moreover, volunteerism need not be confined only to community problems but is also needed in other areas of life like education, religion, wildlife conservation and environment protection.

Domestic volunteerism aside, Malaysia is also a favored destination among international volunteers; this is largely due to the fact that Malaysia offers countless opportunities for nature and wildlife conservation at its many nature reserves and national parks.  Programs at the Sun Bear Rehabilitation Centers in Borneo, at the Orangutan conservation sanctuaries in destinations like Kalimantan and the Tiger Conservation Trekking programs in Taman Negara have great appeal amongst international volunteers.

Some of the most popular volunteer programs in Malaysia include:-

Teaching English

Some parts of Malaysia are still underdeveloped and impoverished. In these areas there is a great need for English teachers. Volunteers can look forward to teaching English to Malaysian youngsters at local educational institutions in these underdeveloped areas.

Community Development

Several areas in Malaysia are still underdeveloped and volunteers who head to these areas can expect to  work on various development projects like construction projects and projects that aid villages get running water.

Wildlife Conservation          

There are many programs for wildlife conservation in Malaysia, like the Tiger Trekking Conservation program which is held at the Taman Negara National Park. This 4 day volunteer program directs volunteers to the boundaries of the National Park for this is where tiger poachers concentrate their activities. Volunteers are led on treks through the jungle and taught to collect valuable footprint data of various jungle animals. They are also taught to dismantle snares installed by poachers. Other activities include visiting local villages and teaching English to young children.

If you would like to volunteer in Malaysia, you could contact one of these international organizations for more details. Volunteers from India however need to acquire a visa to visit Malaysia before they can join a wildlife or nature conservation program in Malaysia.

For more information about volunteer opportunities in Malaysia do visit the following links:-

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