Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Calling all shopaholics for the 1 Malaysia Year End Sale! Nov 16 onwards...

Shopaholics of the world rejoice, for the 1 Malaysia Year End Sale is once again here! Offering crazy discounts, bargains and freebies galore, this shopping festival invites shoppers to loosen their purse strings and soak in the festive atmosphere, as they shop until they drop over the two-month long shopping carnival.

Slated to kick off on Saturday, 16th November, this grand shopping bonanza will continue into the New Year, for it is scheduled to end on Sunday, 5th January 2014.  During this period all of Malaysia will be on sale as malls, markets and street-side stalls will join in the fun and be dressed up to boot.

This shopping carnival is organized by Tourism Malaysia, the force behind other shopping extravaganzas held during the year, like the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival and the 1Malaysia GP sale. The aim of these efforts is to establish Malaysia, as a leading shopping destination in South East Asia, for the country does in fact offer a wide range of products at the most competitive prices in the region.

Additionally, many covetable high-end products are also offered duty-free in Malaysia.
In addition to this attractive mix, are the country’s abundant luxurious and goodie-filled malls like Pavilion KL, Suria KLCC, Gurney Plaza, the Sunway Carnival and more, that make shopping expeditions in Malaysia truly pleasurable with their inimitable offerings of retail stores, eateries and centers supplying spa, beauty and entertainment services.
Lest we forget, mention must also be made of Malaysia’s vibrant hospitality sector, which offers a wide range of accommodation choices at competitive rates for such events.

As the bargains beckon, why wait any longer?  Instead dust off your suitcases and book your air-tickets to wing your way to Malaysia, where the numerous delights of the 1Malaysia Year End Sale await

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