Friday, November 22, 2013

SkyTrex Adventure

 Amongst the many attractions housed within the National Botanical Garden Shah Alam, (the biggest botanical garden in the world) is SkyTrex Adventure. This recreational park offers a variety of exciting jungle pursuits like walking on aerial ropeways, climbing and swinging from trees and smashing paintball journeys in the jungle. The underlying aim of these active forest based activities is to make young ones aware of the many charms of Malaysia’s vivacious rainforest terrains.

The SkyTrex Adventure is the first challenge of its kind in Malaysia and it consists of a well organized, regulated ‘eco-recreational cum educational activity’ that acquaints participants with the park’s lofty trees, by way of a series of aerial obstacles suspended at heights ranging from three to 22 meters above ground. The adventure-lovers are asked to walk, crawl, glide, swing through this aerial canopy as they conquer their fears and navigate the various obstacle courses.

However, it must be mentioned that all the courses are extremely well administered with the utmost regard for safety and in fact participants are expected to complete an initiation program whereby they are taught to use the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) supplied, before embarking on any of the three circuits offered.

Wondering about the challenges at SkyTrex Adventure? Some details of the various courses are given herewith: -

Little Adventure
Geared towards younger children and less adventurous adults, the Little Adventure circuit features 23 adventure challenges bearing names like ‘Rubah Terbang(Flying Fox), ‘Tulag Naga’ (Dragon bones), ‘Jungkit Arnab’(Rabbit Flip-flop) classified as ranging from easy to difficult. The circuit requires approximately a half hour for completion of each round.

Big Thrill

Big Thrill poses a tougher challenge with 26 thrilling trials ranging from very easy to very difficult. Some of the challenges are housed at dizzying 17 meters above the ground, and bear names like ‘Crazy Zig Zag’, the Earthquake, Happy Hopper and Wild Revenge. Big Thrill requires its hardy participants to be at least 13 years old.

Extreme Challenge

This relatively new adventure circuit tests the mettle of all adrenaline junkies with its 34 extreme tests some of which are located at platforms more than 22 meters high above ground.

If  you have a hankering and enjoy thrills of all kinds be sure to pencil in a visit to SkyTrex Adventure on your next trip to Malaysia.

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