Thursday, December 5, 2013

Relax and Rejuvenate at the Wet World Pedas Hot Springs

The small town of Pedas, located in the district of Rembau in the state of Negeri Semilan is famed for its natural hot springs. These hot springs were accidentally  discovered by local villagers when they were  out grazing their cattle in the area and the animals were spooked by the sizzle emitting from the springs. During World War II, it is said that the Japanese used the water of the springs to treat their injured comrades.

People in the know have been coming to Pedas to bathe in in the rejuvenating, therapeutic mineral waters of these hot springs for over sixty years now and in 1999, realizing the immense appeal of these springs, a theme park containing a spa pool, the Wet World Pedas Hotsprings Waterpark was constructed to attract visitors of all ages to this tranquil, restful spot.

Wet World Pedas Hot Springs Water Park today is equipped with two main open-air common pools, which are fed by the mineral rich waters from the area’s hot springs. The waters of these pools have a constant temperature ranging from 35C to 46C and provide a warm an enveloping feel for tired and aching limbs. Cooled spring water is circulated through the water bodies of the park for the comfort of the visitors.

This theme park is further equipped with an assortment of rides like the Lazy River, which winds around the park. Young children especially enjoy lying on floats and cruising along this Lazy River. Other rides at the park include a gently churning wave pool, a shallow wading pool and the thrilling Kembar twin slides, Also available onsite is a reflexology pool littered with a reflexology pebble trail in the water.

For those visitors who would rather rest and relax in privacy, the theme park can also provide private bathtubs fed with the hot spring water for your comfort. The park is also equipped with campsites for visitors who wish to stay longer and the park personnel can also help with the tailoring of visits for larger groups. Wet World Pedas Hot Springs Park is also easy to get to by road from Kuala Lumpur via an hour’s drive.

So next time you are hunting around for a spa holiday, why not consider the Wet World Pedas Hot Springs Park and take the entire family along?



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