Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tamparuli Bamboo Music Festival 2013

The use of bamboo as a resource in Peninsular Malaysia has only recently begun to gain favor. This is mainly due to the fact that materials like wood and rattan have been readily available in Malaysia and even though as many as fifty species of bamboo are known to grow in the country; the use of bamboo in the construction and furniture-making industry has been hitherto limited.
This is now slowly changing as innovative entrepreneurs and organizations in Malaysia, have now woken up to the many attractive properties of this easily renewable resource, so much so that this world’s tallest grass is now being used to fashion products like clothing, life-style products, utensils, furniture frames and much more.

However, in the small town of Tamparuli in the Tuaran district of Sabah, this favorite food of the panda bears has for generations been venerated,for it is primarily used to craft melodic wind and percussion instruments like the sompoton (the bamboo aerophone), the bungkau (the jaw harp) and the seruling (a type of flute). In fact, Tamparuli has for years celebrated the usefulness of this tall grass, by way of an annual festival known as the Bamboo Music Festival.
The Tamapruli Bamboo Music festival is held towards the end of November every year at the town’s main hall, the Dewan Tun Hamdan housed within its main basketball stadium. This daylong festival usually features special musical performances by local and international groups like the Kinabalu Bamboo Orchestra and the Taiwanese Bamboo Orchestra (the group performed in this year’s edition of the fest). Also, included in the festival program is a bamboo music competition, featuring the participation of local and overseas groups from neighboring countries like the Philippines and Indonesia and a display of traditional sports events involving the use of bamboo, like rampanau or bamboo stilt-walking races. Displays of products made with bamboo like bamboo raft houses, baskets, trays, decorative items, bamboo batik and apparel are also conspicuous throughout the festival site.
So if are a fan of sustainable living and have a passion for all things green, do come on down to Tamparuli in Sabah and join in the celebrations for the humble but truly amazing resource, that is bamboo

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