Monday, June 16, 2014

The Durian festival, June-July 2014

Many regard it as the king of fruits and where there’s a king, there ought to be some festivity about his presence! It’s June and Malaysia sees its markets flooded with Durian. A fruit, known for its peculiar appearance, odour and a highly acquired taste! Where some are passionate about durians, others express obvious repulse. But yet, it is very much a part of tradition in Malaysia. In fact, it is native. The durian has been consumed in southeastern Asia since prehistoric times, so one can imagine how truly Asian it is!
June- August is when it’s most harvested and available hence it’s this time that Malaysia celebrates this fruit enthusiastically.

There are durian estates in Malaysia and equally passionate durian lovers who head out during this festival time to devour their favourite fruit. Durians almost compete with the passion mangoes find in Indian summers!
So if you are anywhere in Malaysia, make your way to the state of Penang. It’s a mosaic of culture and Penang is known for its variety of food! Going on all through the month of June till the end of July, Penang celebrates the arrival of the durian fruit with fair and festivals. You’ll find various varieties of the durian, tons of different ways the fruit is used and consumed and you’ll get to see people sincerely enjoy this Asian fruit!
We say you take yourself to Penang for a tropical summer. If not for the love of durians then for the truly Asian experience you’ll get. And who knows, you might even acquire the taste that needs some initiation!

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