Wednesday, December 10, 2014

1Malaysia Year End Sale

Forget the bags, it’s time to bring the shopping carts out!

Literally everything you can think of filling your bags with is on sale! When just this one word can be music to the ears of shopper’s all over the world, imagine the frenzy when Malaysia announces is largest and longest annual sale. The 1 Malaysia Year End Sale!

From the most chic malls to open-air markets, the Malaysia is vibrant with the mood for the best shopping and leisure experiences ever. And the year-end sales here offer just that.The fabulous 1Malaysia Year-End Sale for 2014 is back – bigger and better. There are huge sales, crazy offers and exciting events happening in hundreds of shopping outlets all over the country for nearly two months from 15 November 2014 to 4 January 2015.

Malls bring you the best from all over the globe with brands that you have always dreamt of and the local markets up their scale to display and offer you the best of Malaysia in a bag! One can’t get over the shopping bug when the 1 Malaysia Year End Sale is here, and why should one? Just come to Malaysia with extra baggage (though, you can buy that is the sale too!).

The year is not complete without a grand shopping event like this, which wraps up the year with a bang. Shoppers around the world can expect an interesting line-up of fashion-related events, entertainment and nationwide shopping promotions.  So it’s time you put your best foot forward and step into the New Year in style and glamour as we get ready to welcome the arrival of 2015, festively!

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